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Guild info pages are up!


I have the basic guild info listings up. You can now view guild rosters (at least what has been submitted to the site!). Check out the Guild Display page.

I've also made some enhancements and even fixed a couple of bugs!

You should now find the reports interlinked. For example, if you check out the main census display page, and select a guild, the guild name will then become a hyperlink to the guild roster. Each of the characters listed in the guild has a hyperlink to the character history for that character.

In other news, I have noticed some of the dates/levels for characters being a little out of whack. I have made some modifications to help reduce this, but there isn't too much I can really do. Since Blizzard has not given a date timestamp function in the UI scripting, the date I am using for the history is the date when the data is uploaded.

If people submit old data (either un purged or whatever) then the data can become a little out of whack.

To me, this is acceptable as it still gives enough of a general feeling for character history.

As always, suggestions are welcome!
Anonymous says:
January 4,2005 at 8:58
Currently my guild "Hand of Helios" is not listed in the Eredar server here. How do I submit the information for my guild?
Rollie says:
January 4,2005 at 10:17
Check out the FAQ:

Basically, you need to grab the Census UI mod, take a census and upload the data! It's that simple!
znog says:
January 4,2005 at 10:50
thanks for the guild improvements !

[quote:b7c2b577b9="Rollie"]If people submit old data (either un purged or whatever) then the data can become a little out of whack.[/quote:b7c2b577b9]This is potentially extremely disturbing for the database...

how to fix this ?
the simplest way could be to have a timestamp in the saved data file, the best way to be sure would be using a specific command to get the "realworld time and date" but I didn't find such a command in wow official website.

a timestamp would insure even an old file enrich the "character history database"

otherwise in the worst case maybe you can try to find some specific characters alive on both saves and check they didn't regress in level ???
Rollie says:
January 4,2005 at 11:36
Basically level is king. If submitted data declares a player at a lower level than what I have previously seen, that entry is disregarded. Only when the level is higher do I use that entry. And when I use the entry, I update the timestamp of the character to the current time.

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