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2.3 Released


A new version with a couple of updates has been released. There are some performance improvements that should help reduce any PC lag while running a Census. I have also modified it so that you no longer have to have the Show Offline Members box checked to get a full guild listing output. There are also some further attempts at eliminating the totalCharacterXP nil problem. If you still see any of these issues, please let me know what the error you see is and what line it occurs on. Thanks!

You can get the new version here!

EDIT: Err... whoops! If you DL'd this before 1:30 PM CST on July 3, then you got a version that had 1 small problem. I forgot to update the version number in the mod! So you can either edit your CensusPlus.lua file and change this

local CensusPlus_VERSION = "2.2";

to this

local CensusPlus_VERSION = "2.3";

Or just redownload! Sorry!
Anonymous says:
July 5,2005 at 7:31
Still getting this error, even with the new 2.3

IP: [my ip add]
United States
Problem: File exceeded upload_max_filesize
Here is some more debugging info:Array ( [userfile] => Array ( [name] => SavedVariables.lua [type] => [tmp_name] => [error] => 1 [size] => 0 ) )
Rollie says:
July 5,2005 at 9:15
THat error is due to your SavedVariables.lua file being larger than 10 meg. I have to draw the line somewhere, and 10 meg is just one huge variables file.

Check out uniuploader. That is a small uploader app that can upload just the necessary information I need to WR. You find find out more about it in the sticky in the General Discussion area.
Anonymous says:
July 5,2005 at 21:49
Did that, and it seems to have uploaded. You should have updates for Burning Legion - Alliance and Bonecrusher - Horde.

It seems that other addons write to that file, hence it's large size.

Anonymous says:
July 8,2005 at 12:0
So where do you upload? manual only gives, thats it
semidar says:
July 8,2005 at 16:12
[quote:e0ba24e809="Deadlock"]So where do you upload? manual only gives, thats it[/quote:e0ba24e809]
when you are at, look for any link that says Submit Data.

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