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30 Day Data Window enacted


Wow, it's been a crazy month! I first started allowing data to be uploaded 30 days ago today. In this time, we have grown at an amazing rate!

With data now having the possibility of being older than 30 days, you will now only see data on the Census Display, QuickStats and RealmStats on characters that have been seen within the past 30 days. It still also does not show data on characters under level 10 however we are tracking that data now too.
heartless_ says:
January 15,2005 at 9:35
Good stuff... keep it up.

Your a one man team -_o
Rollie says:
January 15,2005 at 11:9
Thanks! I am definately trying to present the best census data available =) Just need to get more folks checking us out!

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