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Back online!


Things are looking good over at the new server! It's a screamer!

I am still working out minor kinks here and there, but for the most part, everything is online.

Please let me know if you find features or items that are not working as they should.

I know that the graph display is not currently working for player activity and will hopefully have that back up soon.

Welcome to our new home! It rocks!

EDIT: I know the server has been up and down kind of sporadically lately and until I get everything configured the way I want, it will probably continue. Let's pray that I can get it all together quickly!
Anonymous says:
March 5,2005 at 4:1
yesterday I downloaded cosmos, at first it all worked well, but in the evening (at night :) ) my PC broke down and I had to restart. when I entered the WoW-World again (german server madmoertem) I wasn't able to read any channel or communicate with my group members (THEY could read my messages, but I couldn't even see my own messages)

The following text could be read on screen:

"You appear to have a US census version, yet your localisation is French or German"

Can you help my somehow or do I have to reinstall?
Thank you!!
Wulgaru (but I also check this side)
Anonymous says:
March 5,2005 at 4:38
Hi I need your help,
When im on my German server Aegwynn, It stands there that I have the US census....? I cant chat in the game. Others can read the things i chat.
But I cant read anything...
here this stands:
Census+: You appear to have a US Census version, yet you localization is set to french or german.
Census+: Please do not upload stats to Warcraft Realms until this has been resolved.
Census+: If this is incorrect, Please let Rollie know at about your situation so he can make corrections.
Thank you
Anonymous says:
March 5,2005 at 8:26
hi now its working fine again,

and for shando:

you only have to delete chat-cache.txt file in your account folder, and its working again ! cu

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