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Battlegrounds Preview Part 2 - The Battle for Alterac Valley



I don't know about the rest of you, but I am very excited about the upcoming addition of Battlegrounds. If you have followed Blizzards previews of the Battlegrounds, then you know this is the a truely innovative thing that Blizzard is doing for the MMO genre.

Here is a pic of the Alterac Valley map which will be a high level Battleground area.

Anyway, Blizzard has released a part 2 to their Battlegrounds preview and you can read more about it here:

I can't wait for this to go live!
ARiN says:
January 19,2005 at 10:54
Sorry but battle grounds have been a part of the PvP system in Dark Age of Camelot for 2+ years now. Infact the BG's in WoW are not only named after there DAoC counterparts but also have the exact same functions etc. It is a great idea and a great addition to WoW but it is hardly innovative or new to the genre.
Rollie says:
January 19,2005 at 11:36
Hrmm... I guess that's true to a degree. I did play DAoC and did take part in some of the RvR battles. I will say I didn't play long past release so I'm not sure how much they added later on, but in the beginning the battlegrounds seemed different than what I read here.

I guess only time will tell! Regardless, I'm looking forward to the addition and think it could turn out to be loads of fun!

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