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Census Plus 2.2 Available for Download


2.2 takes care of some guild related data gathering issues. It is a required download for anyone wanting to submit data to the site.

I have also hopefully addressed an obscure bug that some people have seen dealing with totalCharacterXP being nil.

Please jump over to the Census+ page and grab the latest version!
MentalPower says:
June 19,2005 at 19:32
Hello again Rollie,

This time it's just to report a bug wit the 2.2 version of CensusPlus. Everytime I log-in to any of my accounts to do a census the following error come up before the first /who is sent

[code:1:8a2ddaafc7]File: Interface\AddOns\CensusPlus\CensusPlus.lua
Line: 1603
Count: Infinite
Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on local `totalCharacterXP' (a nil value)[/code:1:8a2ddaafc7]

The side-effect of this is that the census run continosly (does not pause for 30mins after reaching level 1). Please advise.

Anonymous says:
June 21,2005 at 15:26
i've had an error pop up w/ the 2.1 version (as well as the 2.0 version), whenever lucifron's adds mind control someone. i'll report again if i see it in 2.2 this week.
Anonymous says:
June 23,2005 at 17:31
here's the error i got whenever someone gets MC'd at luci.

[code:1:5ea662f0e6][string "Interface\Addons\CensusPlus\CensusPlus.lua"]:1003: table index is nil][/code:1:5ea662f0e6]
Rollie says:
June 24,2005 at 14:47
What's MC'd =) Sorry for my non-end game noobness!
Anonymous says:
June 25,2005 at 8:58
I get the following error on upload:

United States
Problem: File exceeded upload_max_filesize
Here is some more debugging info:Array ( [userfile] => Array ( [name] => SavedVariables.lua [type] => [tmp_name] => [error] => 1 [size] => 0 ) )

The xxx is IP address
Rollie says:
June 25,2005 at 10:47
THat means your SavedVariables.lua file is bigger than 10meg! That's one big file! You should use the Uniuploader app to only extract the CensusPlus data to send in.
Anonymous says:
June 25,2005 at 14:29
(MC is mind control.)

This bug also occurs when someone is possessed/charmed by the Baroness in Stratholme. Clicking on the MC'd person doesn't produce the error; it's when you move your cursor over them. This has happened in all versions of Census+ including 2.2.

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