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Custom Sig Background Upload Online!


I have made it easy to supply your own background image. First off, you must be logged in so if you haven't logged in or don't have an account here, you'll need to take care of that. Next, just go to the image upload page and submit your file.

After the file has been approved, it will become available to you on the Signature Maker Page.

The maximum size for a background image is 380 X 120. Anything smaller than that will be right justified.

I have more things in store so check back soon!

EDIT: Since it seems some folks didn't read the upload page instructions, I'll go ahead and reiterate here.

For best results, the pic should be 380 X 120. You can resize it on the sigmaker page, but it will look best if it comes in those base dimensions.

The sig MUST be in either JPG or PNG format. If you wish to use any transparency in your sig (to let the background color come through), then the format of the image must be in PNG-24 format with transparency.

Files must be under 125k in total size.

No sig will be available until it has been approved for use by an administrator.
Cineas says:
June 16,2005 at 17:25
The custom picture upload doesn't work.
I've created an account an activated it.
I clicked on the link to the image upload page, it says i've to log in. I do it and click on the link again. Now it says again that I've to log in, I tried it several times but it is all the same.
I can do what I want but the link doesn't check that i'm logged in.
Rollie says:
June 16,2005 at 17:41
Looks like I have some funkiness with my settings. I'll do some work on it this weekend. Sorry =/

One way I seem to be able to make it work is to log in, then use the link in the News forum back to the upload. Try that until I can do more work later.
Cineas says:
June 17,2005 at 7:45
I've tried to use the link in the forum but it sill doesn't work.
I think I've to wait until you fix the prob :(
Frey says:
June 17,2005 at 12:44
I've got the same problem :(
Rollie says:
June 17,2005 at 14:57
I'm going to spend some time working on that this weekend. I'm sorry that it's not working too well at the moment =/

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