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I think we're 100% again!


I think I have fixed/updated all areas of the site now and we should be 100% again. The move has been a successful one, but it seems WarcraftRealms is more popular than ever and I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't have sprung for the beefier system.

I will be making further optimizations here and there to hopefully decrease server load. Right now, the worst time is when the updates occur just after the top of the hour.

You will notice that I have also added more Player Activity views. You can now view Player Activity by PVP, PVE and RP across all realms (includes both US & EURO). I will be looking at ways to further customize your view of the graphs to present the data YOU want to see!

Another note, look for a new release of CensusPlus UI mod when the next patch goes live. There are some new features being added that will greatly enhance our collected data, and will give us even more ways to view and verify data!

Be sure to post any comments/suggestion to the forums!
Anonymous says:
March 9,2005 at 9:45
Well, being the only source of wow census information these days since was effectively abandonded (not to mention bought out by the evil overlords) should mean that popularity will only increase :)

I encourage anyone that I come across looking for a server to play on to check here for actual activity numbers on their hours, players in europe at least have an indicator that realms are "full" but for US players it's pretty much hit and miss still or a *lot* of board reading to figure which server have decent activity but little or no queues. Checking here is a lot faster and more accurate.

Anonymous says:
March 12,2005 at 9:42
ich weis nicht was los ist,ich kann mich nicht mehr mit anderen unterhalten.....!und da steht was davon das ich mich bei dir melden soll,wenn ich doch keine englische version habe...
Rollie says:
March 13,2005 at 22:17
English translation through Bablefish:

I do not point which is the matter, I can itself no more with others maintained.....!und does not stand there which of it which I to you to announce itself is, if I have nevertheless no English version...

In other words, I have no idea what you just said, hehe
Anonymous says:
March 14,2005 at 3:29
Well, I speak German and still don't understand exactly what his problem is since his description is rather vague. But it seems to me that he has the exact same problem as Furian in this thread [url][/url].

By the way, I also have the problem with the "You appear to have a US Census Version, yet your localization is set to french or german." error message. You fixed the problem with the logic in one version but in the newest version it seems to be back. No problems with the chat though.
Rollie says:
March 14,2005 at 10:30
Hrmm... maybe the cosmos version has problems. I'll look into it and see if I can come up with something.

Thank you for the heads up!

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