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If you can read any of this, I need your help =)

불멸의 카리스마
사용불가 길드명

That's just a sample, but I would like to support the Korean servers, but I need a little background info first as I have not worked with handling Korean before =)

If you can help and are willing to help educate me, I'd appreciate you contacting me =)

Either post to this thread or you can email me here:

Anonymous says:
January 24,2005 at 22:28
Natrual Disaster
Imortality Car lisuE
Unservaible guild

The last two lines I realy can't tell.
Anonymous says:
February 8,2005 at 20:51
Do you need only the meaning of them?
Then, I may be able to help for those.

넬쥴 = Ner'zhul
천재일우 = one chance in a million; chance of a lifetime; rare opportunity
불멸의 카리스마 = immotal charisma
사용불가 길드명 = Guild name that cannot be used
Rollie says:
February 9,2005 at 9:13
I've pretty much put my Korean localization efforts on hold until I can learn more about the character set.

Thank you for your help though and I may look you up again in the future.

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