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Little glitch


If you look at the the numbers the past day or two, you may have noticed that they have been somewhat off. I have corrected the error but I have to rerun the last few days worth of submissions to get everything back up to date. The numbers may be a bit off for a day or two while everything gets caught up.

I apologize and thanks for bearing with me!
Anonymous says:
May 6,2005 at 18:26
Stuff happens, glad to see you're getting things back in order :)

A bit frustrating to try and explain to people on the wow boards that the figures are out of whack right now, reading comprehension on those boards is virtually non existant...
Live says:
October 11,2005 at 15:15
Kind of reminds me of Barrens chat. :(
Cassandrah says:
December 23,2005 at 17:10
Barrens chat hurts my feelings. :P
Memo says:
December 27,2005 at 17:17
Do you mean the lvl numbers on our sigs rollie? yes my sig says im 39 but im actually 42. No big deal though.
NiennaMiriel says:
December 28,2005 at 8:20
This was an old post, so it's not related to your issue. Those numbers were referring to the number of new characters and character updates credited to users accounts.

Since your character history lists you at 42, you don't have to do anything. If your sig hasn't updated automatically (I think it's supposed to do that every 24 hours), then you can go into the sig maker and manually update it. If you don't make any changes and hit submit, then it should update all of your info to your sig.

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