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Looking for love in all the wrong places?


A good friend of mine runs and he recently launched an ambitious new project which I wish him luck with. Take a gander =)

For immediate release - October 3, 2005

New Service Plays Matchmaker to MMORPG Users

What started as the suggestion of a user turned into a brainstorm that led one internet community site into action. Answering the call of single MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) players everywhere, PlayerHaven ( unveiled a new service called HavenMatch.

"While there are several excellent personals and matchmaking sites on the web, none of them cater to this unique community of users," reads the headline news on the site.

Apparently finding a mate while playing MMORPGs is not an uncommon occurrence, and PlayerHaven's new service is hoping to help facilitate introductions that might not have otherwise occurred. But why narrow the matchmaking to this niche community?

"There's millions of MMORPG gamers in the world. The ones that are single might find themselves embarrassed or uncomfortable trying to explain their love of their particular game(s) to another person that might not even know what MMORPG stands for. HavenMatch eliminates this embarrassing situation right off the bat - any matches made through our service will already have one thing in common. That being a love of MMORPGs," according to the site's owner, known only as Haven.

How much does this service cost?

"In keeping with the PlayerHaven tradition, we have decided to keep HavenMatch completely free for all users!"

PlayerHaven was launched in early 2004 as a MMORPG community registration site, allowing users to find their friends as they change from one game to another. In addition to character registry services, the site also offers some proprietary web-based games, including Haven War, a turn-based attack-and-conquer tribute to 1980's BBS (bulletin board system) games.

If you are interested, hop over and give it a shot!
imukai says:
October 4,2005 at 15:24
Nifty idea... omw over.

Thanks for sharing!
maisy_242 says:
March 31,2006 at 17:56
hehe good idea.

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