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MKombat 2.0 Released!


I have had a huge response to my Mortal Kombat sound mod. I was actually fairly surprised by how many folks decided to check this mod out and truely loved it. Of course when lots of folks check out a mod, there's gonna be lots of requests!

I hadn't really planned on adding anything more to the mod. It was just a little something I threw together for fun. But after thinking about it and lots of requests, I have greatly enhanced the mod.

I added an Unreal Tournament sound pack to the mod. I also have revamped the mod in such a way to make it very easy for anyone to create their own sound packs. In fact, I encourage people to do so and I look forward to checking out some very cool sound pack additions for the mod.

Anyway, for more info and the latest download, hop over to the MKombat Page.

As always, comments/suggestions are appreciated!
Anonymous says:
June 4,2005 at 18:39
Loved the Unreal voices :D Made being ganked fun again. Tnx for making this pack

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