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New versions of CensusPlus, MKombat and MFiend available!


The latest patch brought a new interface version number so new versions of all my mods are now available! Just hit the links on the NavBar!

Census+ has a couple of new features. I have added a /census prune command which you can use to remove any characters not seen in the previous 30 days from your local database. I have also updated the way guild data is collected for better support on the site. Hopefully this will resolve issues of guild rosters having characters that are no longer guilded still showing.

MKombat and MFiend have not changed and are just updated to reflect the new version number.

The SigMaker has come a long way as well! I continue to add new images and options. If you haven't given it a shot yet, you should!

As always, comments/feedback/suggestions appreciated! Just post in the forums!

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