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One MEEEELLIONN Characters!


Okay, so that's not such a great Dr. Evil impression, but still!

We have surpassed 1 million characters tracked within 30 days, all level 10+! That's a ton of characters visited in 30 days! Now if each of you would just send me 1 dollar for each character saved...


Bah, can't knock me for trying! ;p

On a side note, we actually have tracked data on 1.3 million chars, and 3.5 million data entries on those chars total in the database. It's growing at a much faster pace than I had anticipated.

We have also gotten nearly 500 time entries since the release of 1.2. However, we still need MANY more entries for the data to even begin to be reliably viewed.

Thanks to all who have submitted data and continue to do so. Through regular updates, the data will be even more accurate and reliable than ever!

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