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Server Transfers


I just came across this thread:

in which Ordinn did confirm that server transfers are in the works.

    Sure thing. Players will be able to transfers from realm to realm. We haven't finalized all the details yet, but players will not be allowed to change faction or class with existing characters. That's about all I can say until we get closer to going live with the tech.-Ordinn

I'm sure it will be a pay for service but this is good news for those that wish to move their characters over to join up with friends. Of course, it also has some downsides as well. It will make it much easier for troublemakers to change server to escape their bad reputations.

What do you think about server transfers?
Hikari says:
July 22,2005 at 10:13
It will be great for servers with many zergs and few hordes! Alliance players on such servers should think about taking all their guilds to other servers.

But I think many ppl won't transfer to not lose their friends on actual server.

And of course, the transfer must be free!
Rollie says:
July 22,2005 at 10:31
I highly doubt the transfers will be free. I would expect that it would run the typical $50 or so to transfer.
Zulragal says:
July 22,2005 at 14:58
Oh thank you, I am willing to pay to get off my current server. I'm tired of the arrogant players Horde side that think they rule the server.
Dreadicus says:
July 23,2005 at 8:46
I don't think I like the idea, unless it's a realm shift from high pops to low pops on a limited basis as we currently have in place.

I *DO* like the idea for selfish reasons, but the downsides have a bigger impact then letting me bounce my characters around everywhere..


Even *more* anominimity in the Warcraft realms. (Bad)

Bad players/ninjas that have been kicked from every single guild on their server can move to another server, change their name, and never be known to anyone.. (Bad)

Farmer/duper type characters can be moved from realm to realm, bringing these activities to an all-time high and disrupting economies across all realms even moreso than currently. (BAD)

Can cause quick population changes, disrupting play with players who consider their server 'home'. (bad)

I like the good aspects of it - being able to move characters to join friends.. (good?)

But then again you can always re-roll, or pick a *new* server with your friend to start fresh on. (Yes)

just mho's..

hasmo says:
July 25,2005 at 12:21
Opacus says:
July 25,2005 at 20:1
This is just wicked - I've been waiting for this, I started a char on a server just to find out my friends were on another.
Zharah says:
July 26,2005 at 16:2
I don't know if it's a good idea. :?

To me, it sounds like the perfect way for some ninjas to get out of a realm where they are known and hated.

On the brightside, if you wanted to even out the pop on some of these servers, then I'm up for it.

And yea, I think there should be a small fee. This ain't something easy, that's for sure.
Eredel says:
July 30,2005 at 20:1
I do agree with those who have expressed concern about ninjas/farmers moving server to server. I could think of a REALLY evil, but very effective way to counter people escaping bad reps... but I don't think it'd be widely accepted.
Kyugard says:
August 12,2005 at 13:57
It's exactly what I was waiting for for the last three months. Fled annoying no matter what ganking behavior to join a decent guild but more or less lost my almost LvL 60 char. I definitely want to move my old char to my new guild.

The way to growing strong communities is to give people a chance to play with whom they want to. The ones who don't fit these communties will hopefully drop out sooner or later.
Jenlor says:
November 8,2005 at 9:52
How does server transfers effect this website census? Once a character is transfered, they now show up twice in this census. Here's an example:

This is a character I had on Warsong Realm:

I transfered that character to Bonechewer when Realm transfers were first available and he now also shows up here:

So doesn't that throw the numbers off? He's still being counted for Warsong AND also for Bonechewer now.

How/if/when do you purge duplicate toons that have been transfered?
Hybuir says:
November 8,2005 at 9:59
I think that after a while they age off, it might be skewed for the time being : puzzled :
Rollie says:
November 8,2005 at 10:37
The character entries will reside in the database indefinately. However, only characters seen in the last 30 days are included in the census stats.
Vek says:
November 8,2005 at 11:29
Personally, the fact that there are 15,000 alliance on my server as opposed to the 5,000 horde seems reason enough for me and my guild to want to transfer... But personally, I think you should be able to transfer from any high-pop server to any low-pop server for free.. That would make things very nice and cost-effective for me, considering that last week Windrunner went to "full" status.
Vek says:
November 8,2005 at 11:53



14,003 (73%)

5,204 (27%)

A/H Activity Ratio
2.1 : 1

Zimeron says:
November 8,2005 at 17:28
They will be charging, as to prevent people from ninjaing to server to server, and they should charge, it will also prevent players from all trying to upset some balance or from going server hopping. Also i believe they will have a "cooldown" so like 1 transfer a week/month or w/e, to also help keep it in check. They are going to let it get all F***ed up after they are trying to achieve balance.
oiseaux says:
November 9,2005 at 23:39
I think this is a great idea. I am not that concerned with ninja's and etc because I don't see why spending $50-$100 real dollars is going to help them. After they ninja a few "expensive" items in game then their name will be tarnished on the new server.

I do not think there should be exceptions to where you can go because if I am going to be paying Blizz to allow this then I want to go to where ever I want. I do think Blizz should suggest moving to certain realms to lower queue times in BGs, balance faction imbalance and lowering populations on FULL realms, but forcing you onto a certain server pretty much defeats the purpose of Fee Based character transfers.

Oiseaux/Dalaran (for now)
Vek says:
November 10,2005 at 11:18
I didn't say they should FORCE you to transfer from a high-pop to a low pop server, I'm saying that IN ADDITION TO the transfers with a fee, there should be a free service from ANY high-population server to ANY low population one, instead of them choosing one for you.

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