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Updates have commenced


I unleashed my rewrite of the update process and it's been tearing through the backlog. I had nearly 700 files worth of backlog about 4 hours ago and I'm now down to about 200.

100 files an hour is a significant improvement over what I had going before. The current incarnation is able to consume thousands of character entries per second so we're rocking now =)

I have it throttled to only do so many updates an hour, so it could still take another few hours to get totally caught up, but it should be back to current by morning.

If you notice any funkiness with character entries or otherwise, please let me know ASAP so that I can track down any issues with the rewrite.

Thanks for your patience!
Anonymous says:
February 24,2005 at 9:23
Good work :)

Anonymous says:
February 24,2005 at 21:44
Awesome job, I love this site!
jeff@malygos says:
August 22,2006 at 11:54
the malygos alliance guild soulbound needs to be updated there in naxx currently with 2 bosses down i believe and it says they only got ragnaros down lol
DM. says:
August 22,2006 at 13:8
Whoa nice =) 8)
Skyfire says:
August 22,2006 at 13:42
Lol, jeff, they have to update it themselves.

xpolockx says:
August 22,2006 at 19:28
Nice work Rollie, we had faith you could do it. :mrgreen:
Rollie says:
August 22,2006 at 20:38
This was an old post =(
xpolockx says:
August 22,2006 at 23:5
haha, joke's on me for not paying attention to the date :P I thought maybe you had done that purge of low level characters or something...

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