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User Appreciation Contest!


So I think it's time for a little friendly competition around here! So in September will be running a contest!

Basically this is how it is going to work.

Now that Character Updates can be associated and tracked against the user who submitted the data, this will be the driving force behind the contest.

For one month, all submissions will be tracked and calculated. At the end of the month, I will calculate totals for each user. For every 1000 Character Update Entries that your data submissions caused, you will be assigned a unique ticket. You will be able to see your assigned tickets on your character listing page on October 1st. Then, on October 2nd, at 12 noon CST, I will do a /random between 1 and the number of tickets assigned. Whoever is assigned the winning number will win the prize!

Now, on to the goodies! What will you win if you are the ticket holder? Well, it's your choice! Either you will get a Sony Playstation Portable
, an Apple 20 GB iPod or a $250 USD gift certificate to! What can be better than that?!

I do hope to be able to accommodate any winner, but if the winner is someone outside of the US, I will do my best to work out an amiable resolution, but in any case, you are guaranteed a prize worth at least $250 USD.

So make sure you always log in when you submit your data! And submit regularly! Good luck to all!

*More details here and Legal info can be found here.
gendril says:
August 22,2005 at 17:18
Very awesome. I'm from Canada so do I qualify? I was reading the legal document but it doesn't say specifically about international eligibility. Maybe I missed something.
Rollie says:
August 22,2005 at 17:22
Yup, everyone is eligible =)

As long as the Canadian Amazon has the products and will ship to your address, you're good to go!
gendril says:
August 22,2005 at 17:41
Great. Just wanted to be sure. Worse case scenario like you said is the winner will at least be eligible to receive a $250US Amazon gift certificate.
Zulragal says:
August 23,2005 at 0:29
Best news I've heard all day. Usually contests always snub people outside the US, but I'm glad this one doesn't.
Resolute says:
August 23,2005 at 3:40
Well 'technically' he's in breech of a bunch of various countries laws but I very much doubt anyone is going to complain.
Xianna says:
August 23,2005 at 4:50
hehe its on *wink*
heartless_ says:
August 23,2005 at 6:38
Oh and Rollie here is a possible exploit.

People saving up tons of census they start taking now and then submitting them all on the start date. Make sure you count only character entries seen between the contest dates and not ones submitted on the contest dates.
Rollie says:
August 23,2005 at 7:55
[quote:d42dc2eef7="Resolute"]Well 'technically' he's in breech of a bunch of various countries laws but I very much doubt anyone is going to complain.[/quote:d42dc2eef7]

I know WR has a pretty big following in the EU so I would really hate to not accommodate our EU folks too. It'll even be more expensive if someone outside the US wins, but that's okay. You guys should all get a chance at the prize!
Alanthus says:
August 23,2005 at 12:53
Hehe, why do I get the feeling that you'll get more submissions for a time ;)

Oh, and about the legal issues. Most countries don't have any laws against contests of this kind since they realize that they can't be enforced at all. What they usually have are laws that say that you need to pay local taxes on anything you win, as long as Rollie puts the usual disclaimer that the winner is responsible for paying any local taxes etc. he's in the clear and it's up to the winner to deal with any local laws ;)

There may be applicable state laws for contests in the state this is run from or in a recipients state that apply, I don't really know about that.
EchoZA says:
August 24,2005 at 12:40
right, here goes... and on average I submit twice a day :) am I eligable? I'm a Sarfie (South African)
tomtom says:
August 25,2005 at 2:15
This contest is really a great idea! I have just one question... in the Character List there is a list of my contributions:

[code:1:ade2d50e7f]My Contributions (Showing last 10)

Submission Date New Entries Update Entries
2005-08-25 01:32:01 0 0
2005-08-23 15:38:08 0 90


All Time Total 0 90 [/code:1:ade2d50e7f]

Is that 90 the amount of characters updates I've sent? Because... well, if it is, then I am doing something wrong...[/img]
heartless_ says:
August 25,2005 at 8:14
You have to factor in that you are not the only one sending them in so you aren't always updating them... just submitting repeat info.
Tourandrasz says:
August 28,2005 at 8:48
Why are pretty much all of my submits empty? I had 3 in a row now.. it seems that I need to wait really long before submitting the next file.. is that true?
gendril says:
August 28,2005 at 10:55
It can take up to 4 hours before your submission is processed.
Rollie says:
August 28,2005 at 18:13
It can actually take a bit longer than 4 hours. It all depends on how many files have been submitted recently. If you continue to see 0's, then something is probably amiss somewhere so let me know.
Tourandrasz says:
August 29,2005 at 0:51
It was appearantly just a matter of me being impatient. I checked again just now (several hours later) and all the numbers were there :)
shaded says:
August 29,2005 at 2:37
I'm from Virginia and I'm 17 is that legal age? and if not do my legal gaurdians have to sign anything in order for me to participate in this event?
Rollie says:
August 29,2005 at 9:29
Only if the feds try to bust me for some kind of child exploitation =x
Rin-sama says:
September 2,2005 at 11:42
I am getting the same kind of error as Tomtom

2005-09-02 08:25:14 0 0
2005-09-01 08:54:27 0 0
2005-08-31 23:41:02 0 0
2005-08-30 23:33:06 127 554
2005-08-30 08:33:48 201 579
2005-08-28 14:58:19 72 478
2005-08-28 01:18:56 66 425
2005-08-27 16:17:51 193 849
2005-08-25 08:47:49 101 546

And my guild info is not updating either. What should I do? Try reinstalling or deleting certain files?
Vek says:
September 2,2005 at 11:47
[color=darkred:0491a71f2f][size=9:0491a71f2f]Wow.. Makes me wish my dial up could run the mod at the same time as WoW :([/size:0491a71f2f][/color:0491a71f2f]
Rollie says:
September 2,2005 at 11:52
Does it actually choke your connection on a dial up?
Precisi says:
September 2,2005 at 12:30
I've gotten nothing but zeros..

2005-09-02 12:26:12 0 0
2005-09-02 06:39:23 0 0
2005-09-01 21:22:59 0 0
2005-09-01 15:47:51 0 0
2005-09-01 10:23:27 0 0
2005-09-01 09:11:07 0 0

I know I'm on a popular realm (argent dawn - us).. but.. I expected at least a little bit :(
Vek says:
September 2,2005 at 12:47
[quote:c32da757f7="Rollie"]Does it actually choke your connection on a dial up?[/quote:c32da757f7]

[size=9:c32da757f7]Not sure yet. I tried running Ventrillo at the same time, and just.. Damn. Lagged my internet bad. Probably just because of the type of program Ventrillo is.. Seeing as it's not really a mod..[/size:c32da757f7]
Dreadicus says:
September 2,2005 at 13:43
I've got 4 submissions since 5pm EST 8/31 that have not processed, I think this has something to do with whatever Rollie is/was running against the DB to 'true up' for the September contest, or whatnot.

Rollie is that done running, and is it back to processing normal submissions yet? It would seem not as of this Friday afternoon (submissions from 3 days ago have not processed).

No biggie, the whole month could roll by, then have it process on the last day for a certain 'suspensful' sort of contest.. ;)
Precisi says:
September 2,2005 at 13:48
I suspect my entries are still backlogged.. I'm interested in the contest.. but am also just wanting to get all my guild info up to date (as no one in my guild has used the census mod yet)

Hopefully the database will catch up soon!
Rollie says:
September 2,2005 at 15:43
The update process is chugging along. It is almost done with the backlog from Aug, and will start on Sept submissions in a couple of hours.
Tourandrasz says:
September 3,2005 at 11:44
Ah.. so my submissions from yesterday and today that are showing as - -
are just not processed?
Rollie says:
September 3,2005 at 12:9
Tourandrasz says:
September 4,2005 at 1:59
Kazuo says:
September 5,2005 at 3:0
Awesome competition!
How come non-US citizens aren't able to win the same stuff as those living in the US? A gift certificate or so to would do the trick for those of us livin in Europe :)
cyberfoxz says:
September 5,2005 at 17:59
Maybe a dumb question, but can I make it count if i'm submitting via UniUploader?
Xianna says:
September 5,2005 at 19:3
yes you can.
chupes says:
September 7,2005 at 10:38
I too was having problems with submission. i submited arund 10 times between aug-28 and sept-2, then on sept-03 they all procesesd.

i kept submiting, and they didnt process but i thought i'll just have to wait a couple of days again. but then this happened:

2005-09-07 00:35:42 - -
2005-09-06 20:14:30 - -
2005-09-06 18:04:16 - -
2005-09-06 15:27:16 - -
2005-09-06 00:42:00 340 1345
2005-09-05 16:06:42 - -
2005-09-05 15:32:35 - -
2005-09-04 04:55:08 - -
2005-09-02 23:15:02 67 446
2005-09-02 18:09:50 157 623

It processed 09-06 but not the ones b4.. :shock:
what migth be happening here?

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