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3.3 Released for the 1.10 Patch


There is a new version available:

3.3 - 03/30/2006 - Update
* Updated TOC for patch 1.10
* Added a couple of new commands:
/census who XXXX - will return any local data you have where a character name or guild matches (partially or fully) the given term
/census who unguilded ## - where ## is a level, will return all unguilded characters of that level
* Attempt at removing the extra 3 or less spam for German clients
DM. says:
March 30,2006 at 23:25
So this is the same as the beta version right? No other features?

Just updated mine via Cosmos and so far so good :)
Rollie says:
March 31,2006 at 0:34
Your cosmos update probably doesn't have the 3.3 changes as of yet (unless it went through really quickly). It's okay though, for now, you can still make submissions if your version is labelled 3.2.

I did think about adding some additional features, but I want to get this version out for the interface update and I will release another version after I have had a chance to add more features and go through a round of testing.
Sianni says:
March 31,2006 at 1:13
Yeah! Thank you Rollie!
Balgair says:
March 31,2006 at 8:41
Looking good, I like the "who" command, so annoying when I want to know about someone and they're offline :)
Phreeze says:
April 10,2006 at 4:59
yes thats really a nice feature!
alia says:
April 28,2006 at 5:11

There are a few new server in EU


many char from EU-Eredar went to this EU-Taerar

So you must delete the Entrys fpr Eredar to see how much people are know on
in Eredar


alia says:
April 28,2006 at 5:17

i use the Option: Verbose

but he is not really quite yet

I want an Option where if census is working i see
only two Sentences:


nothing else please

to much spam alredy inside chat.

2. Please make an option for Lanquage: English German ...

3. the change of the postion Button often does not work


Rollie says:
April 28,2006 at 10:12
You need to post these types of thoughts in the Suggestions forum as it will likely get overlooked here.
Tassidarr says:
May 24,2006 at 0:17
excuse me when i go to update it it says i need ver 3.3 and ... its the only ver i have so please tell me whats up with this because i have ver 3.3 and its the only ver i have, had.
Rollie says:
May 24,2006 at 0:32
Make sure you follow all these steps:
Tassidarr says:
June 2,2006 at 23:59
i guess you guys fixed the uploading thing, gj, now it works for me finally now i can update all my accurate data.

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