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Ahn'Qiraj War Supplies Server Rankings Page online!


Prompted by the latest content patch containing the Ahn'Qiraj War Supplies Serverwide Quests, Vulture of the guild Ropetown on Burning Legion created a nifty little mod to track realm and faction progress.

Vulture was gracious enough to allow us to utilize his data. Here is our presentation of that data:

If you would like to help keep this data on the race up to date for your server, you need to download Vulture's mod at Curse-gaming here:

I have also mirrored the mods here on WR. You can get your respective version here:

US Version -
EU Version -

He has an auto uploader and such.

Which server will be the first to unlock the gates of Ahn'Qiraj?
Harry077 says:
January 5,2006 at 18:18
All my buddies up here in the frozen North are pronouncing the new area 'Anchorage'.

Now I know why Bliz implemented snowballs at Winterveil.
Balgair says:
January 5,2006 at 23:5
Ooh nice, will install the mod now :) Won't be my server to open AQ first, unless Blizz gift us some progress - we had a lovely 8-9 hour downtime today... right when I was TWO BARS away from level 60! :cry: (Made it an hour after the server came up again though :mrgreen: )

On the plus side I spent 5 hours running censuses on other servers, so I flippin' well hope that'll have given me a decent number of new characters and character updates :P
Skyfire says:
January 6,2006 at 23:9
Bliz went and made their own page for displaying this, silly them.

Balgair says:
January 6,2006 at 23:20
Heh, unusual of them to make something useful ;) Now where's the european version of that, Blizz? :P
Harry077 says:
January 7,2006 at 5:36
Darn, ya beat me to it.

My server, Detheroc, is vying for the lead. We're currently in 96(!) place, but that's ok....we're pacing ourselves :)
Harry077 says:
January 19,2006 at 12:48
I noticed this morning that Medivh has completed the War Supplies portion of 1.9, now they just need to open the gates.
Sharpaxe says:
January 24,2006 at 1:40
[quote:2f88d84e98="Balgair"]Heh, unusual of them to make something useful ;) Now where's the european version of that, Blizz? :P[/quote:2f88d84e98]
Euro server page can be found [url=]here[/url]

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