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August-September Drawing


Tickets for this month's drawing have been assigned! I will draw numbers in a little while.

This month, we'll once again give away 2 $75 Amazon gift certs. Good luck!

The numbers are in!

As usual, contact me through the site or by email to claim your prize! rollie (at)

Ticket 5595 CLAIMED! Congrats Djambo!
Ticket 6722 CLAIMED! Congrats NiennaMiriel!
xpolockx says:
September 4,2006 at 23:15
Another month, another 80+ tickets with no win. My luck is horrible :P

Good luck everyone :D
DM. says:
September 4,2006 at 23:25
*Ponders what that erased message was...*

Oh I didn't win as usual... Good luck to those who won :)
mcncyo says:
September 5,2006 at 0:13
i had 121 tickets and i didn't win agian.
Hybuir says:
September 5,2006 at 0:18
WyriHaximus says:
September 5,2006 at 5:11
Gratz to the winners! :D
oiseaux says:
September 5,2006 at 5:54
No winner here!
Djambo says:
September 5,2006 at 7:44
Good heavens. I walk onto the site and I'm being welcomed by a big red banner callling me a winner. :shock:

Ticket #5595 is now out of the race. Good Luck to the rest of you. :)
Balgair says:
September 5,2006 at 8:23
Even 224 tickets weren't enough - another month, another miss. One day.... ;)
Sianni says:
September 5,2006 at 9:3
A winner! Congrats Djambo! Good luck everyone else!
BWDemor says:
September 5,2006 at 12:19
Congratz Djambo... Good Luck to the other winner.

NiennaMiriel says:
September 7,2006 at 8:58
So, I've been crazy busy and I haven't had a chance to check the site lately. Imagine my surprise when I log in today to check my numbers and I see in big red letters:

Ceto says:
September 7,2006 at 9:3
Congratulations, you two!
Sianni says:
September 7,2006 at 9:22
Grats Nienna!!!
BWDemor says:
September 7,2006 at 10:16
Congratz Nienna
xpolockx says:
September 7,2006 at 11:4
yay, grats Nienna! :mrgreen:
NiennaMiriel says:
September 7,2006 at 15:55
From the [url=]July drawing thread[/url]:

[quote:98daa915fa="NiennaMiriel"][quote:98daa915fa="Rollie"]Actually since I moved from giving game cards to decent gift certs at Amazon, the claim rate has been nearly 100% =)[/quote:98daa915fa]

The big red message saying you won might help some too...[/quote:98daa915fa]

Having seen the [size=24:98daa915fa][color=red:98daa915fa]BIG RED MESSAGE[/color:98daa915fa][/size:98daa915fa] (Which this is like half the size of), I have to say that it probably plays a big part in it. :)
NiennaMiriel says:
September 7,2006 at 15:56
/me wishes for the option to edit posts for stupid mistakes like above. :(
Skyfire says:
September 8,2006 at 0:39
Zomg, grats Nienna! You deserve it. :P
Balgair says:
September 8,2006 at 18:32
Grats! :)

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