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Downtime and slow update processing


I have been working on some database improvements in an effort to speed up the update process again as it has slowed significantly. That is the cause of the downtime and some of the features being unavailable.

I have made some changes and am hoping that things will be back up to snuff. Unfortunately I will be out of town for the next couple of days. I will just let the update process run as it can over the weekend and I will reevaluate the updates I made on Monday.

Hopefully things will be running smoothly, but regardless, the update process is very behind right now and it is going to take quite some time to catch up. And that is assuming that I do not have to make further database changes in an effort to speed things up.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!
Rollie says:
May 8,2006 at 17:37
Things have been running smoothly since the update! Please let me know if you see anything amiss!
Nimitz says:
May 10,2006 at 17:52
Hi Rollie,

First, thank you for this site...I use it alot.

The only thing I've been able to notice is, when now doing a char history, the guild they're in is not showing up.

Keep up the hard're doin such a fine job.



Rollie says:
May 10,2006 at 19:22
Can you show me an example please?

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