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March 07 Drawing


Tickets have been assigned for submissions from January and February, and the drawing has been held!

The winning tickets are:

Please check your tickets listed under the My Characters link and let me know if you are holding a winning ticket! Email me at, post here, or PM me through the site.

All winners this month will receive a 60 day game card from so you will need to be able to accept deliveries from or one of their international sites.

Congrats to the winners!


Well, we have one very lucky contributor here at WR and this isn't something I have had to worry about up until now, but I'm going to add a rule that an individual can only win once per drawing period.

As you can probably guess, one individual holds 2 of the above winning tickets. Not only that, but this individual is also a winner of a previous drawing.

In an effort to pre-empt anyone crying foul, I have drawn 2 additional numbers and will be giving away 2 additional game cards.

The additional numbers are shown here:

DM. says:
March 5,2006 at 13:44
*snif* The closest I came was 15233 :cry:
NiennaMiriel says:
March 5,2006 at 17:42
Still nothing. Not even in the redraw. lol
Hybuir says:
March 5,2006 at 18:44

16738 that's the closest! then misses :-(
Sharpaxe says:
March 6,2006 at 6:36
Oef, thought I was lucky this time. 16739 isn't the same as 16379 so again no luck this time.
Ghandi Wilde says:
March 6,2006 at 8:4
I had no luck this time round... I had some numbers that were kinda close, but not close enough...
Cadwgan says:
March 6,2006 at 9:56
17376 so close!
mystikraven says:
March 7,2006 at 16:22
Lol, first time I've even come close!

Sianni says:
March 7,2006 at 22:36
Wow, no claimers yet!
Hybuir says:
March 8,2006 at 9:10
What's the expiration for these rolls?
Sianni says:
March 15,2006 at 0:54
Still no winners?? Come on folks, check your tickets!!
dracomage says:
March 15,2006 at 16:38
59 tickets and not even close. :(
BWDemor says:
March 16,2006 at 13:33
60 tickets and a few close calls :(
bohni says:
March 16,2006 at 14:13

That are my closest
horknfbr says:
March 16,2006 at 17:46
9058 - Winner

W00t! :)
Eltheria says:
March 21,2006 at 8:58
What were the prizes?
NiennaMiriel says:
March 21,2006 at 9:30
Are you going to draw more tickets for the ones that weren't claimed? Or are you going to push them back to April?
Rollie says:
March 21,2006 at 9:55
I'm still debating what to do.... I'm kinda baffled at the lack of claims lately... are the prizes just not that compelling?

@Eltheria - The prizes this month are 60 day game cards
Alanthus says:
March 21,2006 at 10:25
I think it's more a question of people's behaviour pattern on the site. I've noticed that names pop up on the contribution list adding a lot of data for a month or two and then more or less disappear, it stands to reason that accessing the forums is probably even more sporadic. Another thing I have noticed is that a lot of people I know tend to play WoW more sporadically now, they finished the game on a couple of characters and are just killing time until either the expansion comes out or Blizzard decides to add some content that's not in the mindless grind/raid category... or until a game comes out that they can move on to. This behaviour, if it is as common as it appears to me from my limited perspective, would of course spill over to fan sites.
Sianni says:
March 22,2006 at 15:56
Interesting. It seems to me I see the same names on the contribution list all the time, with the exception of just a few. I do agree with Alanthus though, there does seem to be more people loosing interest in WoW. There really isn't that much to do past 60 that holds you for long (except work up more characters!).

I don't know Rollie... I think maybe part of the issue is the prize, because if you were giving away iPods, I bet every ticket would be claimed.
Hybuir says:
March 23,2006 at 6:59
expiration :wink:
Rollie says:
March 23,2006 at 9:58
My concern is that I do a re-draw only to have another 5 people not claim. So I do another, and another, until I finally hit 5 or so folks who are intereted in the prize who read the news section.

I am working on an addition here that will notify you when you hit the site if you are holding a ticket as this is just getting silly =/
Sianni says:
March 23,2006 at 21:10
[quote:680d7fd2ca="Rollie"]I am working on an addition here that will notify you when you hit the site if you are holding a ticket as this is just getting silly =/[/quote:680d7fd2ca]

An excellent idea!
crash19285 says:
March 24,2006 at 20:15
I have ticket number 15238, and sorry about the delay, I have been on vacation for wuite a while, so I couldnt check the site. I'll be waiting to see how to recieve it,, cause I have no clue. Havent won anything on the intarweb at all. Ever.
Sianni says:
March 25,2006 at 18:41
A winner!!! WOOT! Congrats Crash!
crash19285 says:
March 27,2006 at 0:34
Ahhh, thank you! It' was quite a big suprise coming back and seeing that I had won!

I hope that I can contribute enough to win next time too ^^
Rollie says:
March 27,2006 at 9:2
crash, please email me at so I can get your details =)
oiseaux says:
March 28,2006 at 1:16
So how many of these tickets were claimed? I was just kind of curious.
Hybuir says:
March 28,2006 at 13:15
How about you activate tickets 72 hrs before the drawing, tickets get assigned the day of, and then you roll from that pool :idea:
Rollie says:
March 28,2006 at 14:11
2 have been claimed. The previous winner who also had gotten 2 tickets decided to pass on their winning tickets. So 4 left 'unclaimed'.

I will roll the other 4 over into April and draw even more numbers.

I'll have to decide what to give away. Maybe just $50 Amazon gift certs or something. I'll figure it out ;p
Balgair says:
March 28,2006 at 20:37
Nooo, I'll have just about zero tickets on the April draw, because I've been playing the contest realm all this month, and I had over 100 tickets in the March draw :( Oh well, that's life, I guess - I'll have to get back to censusing in April and see if I can finally hit lucky in the May draw ;)
captbananas says:
March 28,2006 at 23:8
I was definatly interested in the prizes... I just didnt win. I came close with one... but close doesnt equal a win! :P

My draws:
16779 <--- closest
Sianni says:
March 30,2006 at 21:4
I just gotta know Balgair... what's the story behind your mage's name - Sgoildubh ?
Balgair says:
March 31,2006 at 8:40
[quote:115339d0ec="Sianni"]I just gotta know Balgair... what's the story behind your mage's name - Sgoildubh ?[/quote:115339d0ec]

Same as all my character names - plugged suitable words into an online Gaelic dictionary until I found a translation I liked :) I grew up in the Scottish Highlands so I'm used to seeing Gaelic names around, and figured it was a decent way to make up names as very few people would know how they came about.

Sgoildubh should really be two words: sgoil (school, pronounced "skol") and dubh (black, "doo"), "black school", otherwise "magic" - there were other words for magic which were more suitable in literal meaning (as I play her as a good mage not an evil one), but I just liked this one and figured most people wouldn't know the exact meaning ;)
Jetdoctr says:
March 7,2008 at 10:57
where do we find our tickets????
Psonere says:
March 8,2008 at 10:14
Well, as for the site and its contributions, I stopped contributing due to what appears to be a lack of interest on Rollies part. Known issues with C+, known issues with IP ranges showing from wrong countries, etc.

The main website looks more and more like an ad-hosting site rather than what it was intended for.

I would start contributing again if C+ was fixed at least to a point where its not an annoyance to have installed. Something about constantly having the guild window popup gets irritating over time.
Psonere says:
March 8,2008 at 10:26
Sorry... I should have read what I wrote before clicking submit. I have respect for Rollie and understand that he has a bunch of projects he works on. So the first part should have read:
[quote:198d813bcf]Well, as for the site and its contributions, people may have stopped using it due to what appears to be a lack of interest on Rollies part. Known issues with C+, known issues with IP ranges showing wrong countries, etc. I have stopped using C+ due to the bugs however I still would like to contribute.[/quote:198d813bcf]
Imzadi says:
March 10,2008 at 1:32
Can someone please explain to me why it is necessary to bump a two years old thread?

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