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It's been asked for several times and I finally got around to adding it in. You can now view ex-members of guilds. When you view the current guild listing, you'll see a link at the top to view ex-members. This data will only be updated every 7 days due to the intensive query used to gather the info.


I would also like to point out the new donate option. If the ads you view on the site really bother you, or you want to support the site in a monetary fashion, check out the Donation Page to learn more about how you can become a WarcraftRealms Supporter and eliminate the ads from the site when you visit!
DM. says:
January 20,2006 at 0:17
Wow I love the new ex-members list...
Although it does take awhile to load, but I suppose that is acceptable due to the huge database that WCR has... Just be patient! It only took me 7 secs on average to view the list, which isn't long at all.
Rollie says:
January 20,2006 at 8:34
The good thing is that after the first time it loads up a list, it will cache it for a week so that future views on that same ex-members list will load up very fast.
Hybuir says:
January 20,2006 at 10:13
Awesome saving of resources.

Suggestion: Have the level that they last left and maybe date? Would show progression after they left... maybe?
Vek says:
January 20,2006 at 11:33
All I can say is: Yay.

Also, do donations give you that nifty title still?
Ceto says:
January 20,2006 at 13:50
Awesome, thank you Rollie. That's a good resource to have.
Sianni says:
January 20,2006 at 15:40
[quote:1d103c4602="Vek"]Also, do donations give you that nifty title still?[/quote:1d103c4602]

I think "Troll Boy Toy" is already taken Vek!
Rollie says:
January 20,2006 at 16:47
[quote:c0a1e6270d="Vek"]All I can say is: Yay.

Also, do donations give you that nifty title still?[/quote:c0a1e6270d]

Not sure what you mean. The custom titles folks have were granted if they donated to the Child's Play Charity drive.

Regardless, if you make a donation and you want a custom title, just let me know =)
evlyxx_shadowsong says:
January 22,2006 at 18:0
Please could you add PalPal as a payment method?
Xianna says:
January 22,2006 at 18:20
heh vek needs a new "title" under his avatar..... speaking of which...
where do we set that?
Rollie says:
January 22,2006 at 18:39
[quote:ccd2e9a895="evlyxx_shadowsong"]Please could you add PalPal as a payment method?[/quote:ccd2e9a895]

What is PalPal? Is that like, "Come on Pal, hook me up?"


Seriously, if you meant PayPal, that is how it is currently set up.
Kazuo says:
January 25,2006 at 10:30
Ah, very nice feature! I had been wondering if this was possible, and it's here even before I had gotten around to making a thread about it :) Good work
chriis says:
February 8,2006 at 23:45
speaking of new...any idea when there will be a new US server created???
Dsmaiden says:
February 14,2006 at 17:18
omg. this is such a wonderful tool especially for large guilds that don't write down each and every player that joins and leaves thier guild for future reference.

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