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November Drawing


It's that time of the month again! This month we'll be giving away 2 $100 Amazon gift certificates.

Numbers have been assigned and drawn. Good luck everyone!

As usual, winners must contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

Ticket 7571 claimed! CONGRATS Irys!
Ticket 7348 claimed! CONGRATS Jeetje!
Skyfire says:
November 3,2006 at 0:16


WyriHaximus says:
November 3,2006 at 5:14

Gratz to the winners, didn't win anything :).
Lahaie says:
November 3,2006 at 6:10
Dang! 223 tickets and no win....

Perhaps next month.

Hybuir says:
November 3,2006 at 7:15
sniff missX2
Balgair says:
November 3,2006 at 10:2
No win this time, but even if I had I'd have passed seeing as I won last month ;)

Grats to whoever wins! :)
BWDemor says:
November 3,2006 at 16:18
143 and not winner for me.

Good luck to the future winners.

DM. says:
November 3,2006 at 16:23
Yet another month and nothing =(

Good luck to all the winners :mrgreen:
xpolockx says:
November 3,2006 at 17:27
One of these months I swear I'll win something... :P

grats to you winners, you lucky @#!@%$## you. :mrgreen:
Sianni says:
November 4,2006 at 13:48
Nada here. Good luck everyone!
Seerah says:
November 4,2006 at 15:6
:( My ticket numbers aren't showing on my character screen anymore.
Rollie says:
November 4,2006 at 16:49
[quote:0a7ab1362d="Seerah"]:( My ticket numbers aren't showing on my character screen anymore.[/quote:0a7ab1362d]

You only had 2 submissions in October and they both show as having 0 updates for each one, thus no tickets for the drawing this month =(

Make more submissions for November to get more tickets for the December drawing! And be sure to check your submissions on your character list to be sure that you are getting credit for your submissions. If you keep seeing 0 updates, then that would indicate some sort of problem!
Seerah says:
November 6,2006 at 20:26
Ah yes, I see that now. Sorry :oops: hehe I guess that was the last month's tickets that I saw on the 1st or whatever day is was. :)

It wasn't a great month and I kept forgetting to take a census, which means I probably just submitted old data. :P
Luccia_Eldre says:
November 6,2006 at 22:3
If I wasn't so lazy I'd have more entries! :P (Uni Uploader bugs out sometimes and I don't bother to check it, but meh)

It seems like every month I'm close to at least one, but don't win. I've got 7200 and 7602 :(
Irys says:
November 7,2006 at 8:50
What a great surprise! :D
BWDemor says:
November 7,2006 at 10:55
Irys, congratz on the win.

Seerah, make sure your file isn't bigger this 20MB or it will not take it.

oiseaux says:
November 7,2006 at 12:12
Congrats Irys and hello to all the new faces out there. It is nice to see more people helping with the census data! :D
xpolockx says:
November 7,2006 at 17:42
[quote:aae747327c="oiseaux"]Congrats Irys and hello to all the new faces out there. It is nice to see more people helping with the census data! :D[/quote:aae747327c]

Definitely quoted for truth :)
BWDemor says:
November 8,2006 at 17:19
Congratz Irys

Welcome all of you new faces.

Lahaie says:
November 9,2006 at 7:14
Grats Irys and Jeetje!

Thanks for the welcome. Looks like I'm not the only n00b that decided to give a hand with the census. :)

Hybuir says:
November 9,2006 at 12:30
I'm a bitter bitter man

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