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Server Online Dates Added


I have added fields to display server online dates. Now, these are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as they are best guesses and are also taken from the dates that they were added to the database. It would not be a stretch to say that servers came online before the date displayed, especially in the early days. Nowadays servers are usually added to WR within a day or two of them coming online.

You can see (and sort) by the online dates on the realm stats pages, and you can also see the individual server online dates listed on the census pages.

US Realm Stats
EU Realm Stats

This has been a much requested feature and I'm glad I'm finally able to deliver on those requests =)

Also, if you see a server with the incorrect server type or wrong time zone information, please let me know!

eruyia says:
June 13,2006 at 15:51
Thrall is PST not CST. You might check to make sure but I believe I am right.
Sianni says:
June 13,2006 at 20:25
You da MAN Rollie! Thanks!
DM. says:
June 14,2006 at 10:10
Thanks Rollie!

I've seen alot of requests for which servers which were release servers, and this should solve that problem
erypmav says:
June 14,2006 at 19:0
Rollie does it again
RandomH3r0 says:
June 15,2006 at 10:34
Wow that's pretty cool... nice work :-)
dnzueri says:
June 20,2006 at 3:33
Are there any new german realms (pvp) planned yet? when will they be released?
NiennaMiriel says:
June 20,2006 at 7:54
[quote:b66eb925bf="dnzueri"]Are there any new german realms (pvp) planned yet? when will they be released?[/quote:b66eb925bf]

Rollie doesn't have this information ahead of time. He only finds out about a server when it goes live or Blizzard announces it. This might be a question better suited for the official forums.
kmhamilton says:
July 26,2006 at 8:21
Muradin is CST not EST! Thank you!
Rollie says:
July 26,2006 at 10:22
Duely noted!

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