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Our friends over at have started a new movie site and I thought I'd spread the love. They have lots of great videos available that load directly in your browser! Check it out!

================================= is the revolutionary World of Warcraft movie site that is taking the WoW community by storm. No longer do you need to spend hours downloading and keeping up with the latest in WoW machinima. Just load Warcraft Cinema when you have 10 minutes to spare, whether it be at work, school, home, or elsewhere. It's machinima, available when you want it and where you want it. Our flash technology plays the movie right in your web browser immediately, no waiting. Just click, sit back, and watch some WoW movies! It's that simple.

I'm really excited about this site, and would be honored if you'd take the time to visit the site and watch some machinima! We have all of the Xfire/Blizzard finalists listed on the site (at ) as well as many other top Warcraft videos. I'm working at getting all of the xfire honorable mentions added to the site as you read this, so stay tuned.
Skyfire says:
May 8,2006 at 23:18
One question before I have a looksee...

Will this be quality with google video quickness? Sounds like it, but I'm not sure just from lookin.
Rollie says:
May 9,2006 at 0:20
I haven't used much, but I like the response times so far on WC. They've done a pretty good job over there!
Skyfire says:
May 10,2006 at 3:5
It was about google quality at google speed.

Oh well...

We might see more uploading to warcraft though, so who knows.
oiseaux says:
May 10,2006 at 15:20
I thought the quality was rather good. Make sure the movies that you watched were not from google video. It will say that it is being watched from an outside source, which was in most cases google video. The few I saw were pretty good considering that I didn't have to download them from filefront (I despise it).

It is nice to have lots of WoW related videos in one place.
Skyfire says:
May 10,2006 at 23:58
That could have been why the quality was lower.


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