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Another update! Wow!


This one addresses problems with localization for French, Spanish and German users. It also fixes the spam from less than 4 characters when Verbose mode is on.
DM. says:
March 16,2007 at 23:47
Lets see if we can make it 2 updates releases in 24hrs.... Ready...... start!
Skyfire says:
March 17,2007 at 2:57
You mean, 3?

DM. says:
March 18,2007 at 12:29
I think I found a small bug related to the less than 3 chars being sent to the General Chat window, it involves having the Who window open:

Here are some situations:

1. Verbose mode ON, Who window Open

2. Verbose mode OFF, Who window Open

3. Verbose mode ON, Who window Closed

4. Verbose mode OFF, Who window Closed

The last screenshot I took a few mins later than the previous 3 so the Blood Elf Warlock came online, but in all cases the scan was doing a Blood Elf 70-70.

And its not just Blood Elf's I got the spam when it was doing an Undead Warrior search as well.
Phreeze says:
March 27,2007 at 8:2
seems that the fix isnt really a fix....

you should see it like Microsoft: it's not a bug, it's a feature !! 8)

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