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CensusPlus 4.1.4 Bug Fix Release


I have a new version of CensusPlus ready for your consumption! This version fixes the bugs with clicking a Guild in the guild list. It also adds a small new feature that will show you the last seen date for the people shown in the Player List window.
xpolockx says:
June 3,2007 at 21:24
awesome! Gonna try it out right now :D
xpolockx says:
June 3,2007 at 22:0
Everything looks good so far, I clicked on a bunch of stuff and ran a few censuses on a few different characters. I didn't get any errors or anything. Nice job Rollie :)
Kibazu says:
June 4,2007 at 13:59
Does it fix the bug with [SHIFT]-click on name to /who which always gives 0 results..?
Rollie says:
June 4,2007 at 15:8
That should be working with the last version (4.1.3)
xpolockx says:
June 4,2007 at 17:6
Worked fine for me. :)
Kibazu says:
June 5,2007 at 12:55
Ah, alright. I\\'m still using 4.1.2, sorry :P *banging head to the wall*

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