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CensusPlus Burning Crusade version 4.0 Released!


In anticipation for The Burning Crusade, is proud to annouce the release of version 4.0 of the popular CensusPlus UI mod! Now you will be able to track the population shift with the addition of Blood Elves and Draenei, as well as allowing Paladin and Shaman for both factions!

And let's not forget the increased level cap. Watch the race unfold as untold numbers of players grind it out to reach level 70!

And after you've collected said data, please be sure to upload your data to so that your data can benefit all players everywhere!

You can get the latest version here:

We do not anticipate any major problems with this release, but if you find any problems, please report them on the forums!

Good luck!
Naraht says:
January 15,2007 at 17:23
Balgair says:
January 15,2007 at 20:35
Nice one! Now if only my TBC arrives today.... if not then I guess I'll census a bunch of other servers to catch some of the new races ;)
DM. says:
January 15,2007 at 23:36
w00t =D
DM. says:
January 15,2007 at 23:54
I think this is normal operation... But if no results are returned from a /who it will say Waiting to send who request... 3 times then proceed to do the next /who scan. Correct?
Rollie says:
January 16,2007 at 1:47
Naraht says:
January 16,2007 at 4:33
hey Rollie, this is the wrong place, but I'm exhausted & falling asleep & will forget to ask/mention this

I've moved to one of the new servers, and it's VERY low pop @ the moment. Is there anyway to tweak Cencus to poll larger samples? Like 1-30, 31-50, 51-70? Cause I keep getting inacurate counts on the normal cencus due to there being so few results.
Rollie says:
January 16,2007 at 10:3
It can be done, but it isn't really trivial =(

If you are very concerned about it, you can do manual who's occasionally to make sure the data is entered.

Any /who you do that displays results in the Friends/Guild panel will get processed.
Naraht says:
January 16,2007 at 14:1
yeah, I've been doing /who 1-50 & /who 51-70 to get data...

smcn says:
January 16,2007 at 14:10
Not sure if it'll still work, but in days past if you had the "social" window open the mod would process any number of entries.
Tsarmina says:
January 16,2007 at 21:11
I'm doing my part to count all them new bloody elves and cloven hoofed ones. :)
Balgair says:
January 16,2007 at 22:30
Last I checked on my server there were a hundred or so draenei, 80-odd of which were shamans ;) My priest was one of only four lol :)
Dremvek says:
January 17,2007 at 10:25
Last night I ran censuses every half hour for about 2 hours. In that time on Moon Guard horde, the number of Blood Elves surpassed the numbers of all other horde races COMBINED that I've seen since the server launched a week ago. There were over 800 people in the BE starting zone at one point last night. I don't see how that can even be fun.
Naraht says:
January 18,2007 at 0:29
we haven't had that problem yet on Madoran...since character creation is still disabled while the free transfers come trickling in. So, you have to roll on another server, and transfer over. Fun fun.
xpolockx says:
January 18,2007 at 3:31
Mal'ganis has been kind of laggy and very crowded in outland, but the starting areas are playable. Very crowded, but playable. Of course, I can only speak for the blood elves, since I can't play alliance on my server :P

Back on track with the thread topic, my C+ works great. I haven't had it toss any errors or anything, so hopefully the database catches up in submissions soon so we can see some new data :D
poopdaddytim says:
January 18,2007 at 17:43
Are the uploads being processed since the BC came out or has the new data / new realms buggered up the process?
Rollie says:
January 18,2007 at 18:18
The update process is just behind a bit right now. It is getting processed, it's just taking time.
Hozz says:
January 19,2007 at 9:47
When should we see the first BE/Draenai data? I dont see those races showing up in the stats yet.
NiennaMiriel says:
January 19,2007 at 10:3
[quote:5efff3412f="Hozz"]When should we see the first BE/Draenai data? I dont see those races showing up in the stats yet.[/quote:5efff3412f]

The stats are still being processed from 1-14, so it could still be a couple of days before we get to the 1-16 data. Soon though. :)
Phreeze says:
January 19,2007 at 16:21
gogo add some CPU Power ;)
how are the stats created ????
Rollie says:
January 19,2007 at 16:44
Here you go:

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