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December 07 Drawing!


Tickets have been assigned and drawn!

This month we'll draw 4 winning tickets as this drawing will be for October and November submissions combined. Winners will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift certificate!

Winners must notify me by PM through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

Eyeball-Dragonmaw says:
December 7,2007 at 15:22
No winning tickets for me :(
Hybuir says:
December 7,2007 at 15:33
Woo!!!!!!!! Winning ticket 7513! I just did a 2 min jig in my cubicle! :)
Balgair says:
December 7,2007 at 18:15
Congrats Hyb! :) 7523 and 11051 were my nearest, oh well, maybe next time ;)
Alanthus says:
December 8,2007 at 13:28
Congratz Hyb :)
Tartara says:
December 9,2007 at 17:52
WTG Hybuir! About time!

I had 3569
Lahaie says:
December 10,2007 at 8:36
Grats Hybuir!

I have winning ticket 1981 this month!

10 1981
Balgair says:
December 10,2007 at 8:38
Congrats! :)
Chrisser000 says:
December 10,2007 at 8:57
hrmpf, none for me -.-
Tsarmina says:
December 12,2007 at 14:22
[color=indigo:7da4d195cd]Nothing this time around for me either. Gratz to the winnaz![/color:7da4d195cd]

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