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February '07 Drawing


Sorry for the delay in getting this done, it had kinda slipped my mind as I have had a lot of things going on. At any rate, tickets for the February drawing have been assigned and drawn.

Since one of last month's prizes was passed on (thanks Balgair!), we will again be giving away 3 $100 gift certificates. Standard rules apply. You must contact me in order to claim your prize!

Also, I'm going to try to remember to show the top 10 update contributors for each month. For January, the top 10 were:

Kerebo 680489
xpolockx 146503
uigrad 106479
Halaster 88670
Balgair 84332
Djambo 78439
Xindan 75547
AgaKhan 74164
Whitetail 70697
arcady0 70609

And here are this month's winning ticket numbers!

DM. says:
February 8,2007 at 13:7
Not even close... >_<
Naraht says:
February 8,2007 at 13:15
[quote:50e4d26fd1="DM."]Not even close... >_<[/quote:50e4d26fd1]you & me both
Lahaie says:
February 8,2007 at 13:54
No cigar for me this month either. Nice to see submissions doubling from the previous month.

Grats to the winners!

uigrad says:
February 8,2007 at 14:1
I'm just 11 away from one of them. (6036 <-> 6047) It seems kind of close, but yet feels very far too.

It still says "December Drawing Ticket Numbers" on my character sheet, Rollie. Sorry to bug you about that again. :)
Hybuir says:
February 8,2007 at 16:3
NeinX3. FYI My tickets show December tickets :)
xpolockx says:
February 8,2007 at 16:35
None for me here. I got closer last month, I hope I'm not regressing >_<
Rollie says:
February 8,2007 at 17:5
Says Feb tickets now =)
DM. says:
February 8,2007 at 17:24
Hmmm will these numbers be displayed in our user profiles anytime soon? Perhaps as a separate tab which is only visible when logged in? That way everyone else can't see your numbers =)
Rollie says:
February 8,2007 at 18:0
Sometime soon being now? =) There's now a link to your tickets. See it under your user options, upper right =)
Dremvek says:
February 8,2007 at 21:15
I didn't win. It must be rigged.
oiseaux says:
February 8,2007 at 21:16
No winners here. Good luck to everyone else!
Cassey says:
February 8,2007 at 21:18
Not me either. Oh well, off to do updates!
Skyfire says:
February 8,2007 at 22:58
If Kerebo doesn't win...

/slit. ;P
Naraht says:
February 8,2007 at 23:5
[quote:0ea13f250b="Rollie"]Sometime soon being now? =) There's now a link to your tickets. See it under your user options, upper right =)[/quote:0ea13f250b]

Sure, you can do something like change a month on the tickets, but you can't add new images to sigmaker...



j/k Rollie, we all appriciate how much work you do!
Balgair says:
February 8,2007 at 23:37
No win here, grats to whoever does win! :)
Rollie says:
February 9,2007 at 12:19
Who says he didn't, hasn't already PM'd me about it, but just hasn't posted here? ;p
Narlash says:
February 12,2007 at 1:59
I love everything about this, the prizes, the people, but especially the census! (I'm a stats freak)

Congrats to the winners!
Homeslice513 says:
February 17,2007 at 9:16
Anyone mind telling me where I see the tickets I have? I can't find the my characters link since the new setup.
Homeslice513 says:
February 17,2007 at 9:17
And never mind I found it :)

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