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How to submit an image for your character


Some new image features have been added to You can now elect to upload images to display on your character, user, and guild pages. This short article will explain all you need to know to get your own images displaying on!

First off, the image upload accepts GIF, JPG, or PNG images. You should note that even though GIF are accepted, animated GIF images do not normally make it through. This is because the images are resampled when they are uploaded and animated images are not supported by the resampling procedure.

Next, images on the character, user, and guild pages are always sized to fit within a 300 x 250 box. If your image is larger than these dimensions, then it will be resized to fit. If your image is smaller than these dimensions, then it will be displayed at the size it was uploaded. Also, images can be larger and exist in your gallery, just on those pages there will be a version that is sized to fit within those dimensions.

It should also be noted that all images are approved by an admin. Images may not contain any nudity, sexually explicit , vulgar or offensive material. Vulgar and offensive are at the discretion of the admin who is approving.

Now, on to submitting your images!

If you do not have an account on, you'll need to register. After you have logged into your account, you can view your user page which is also your control panel area. You can get to your user page by clicking here:

User Page

You should see a link in the top right corner that says 'Manage Images'. You can also click here to go there.

You'll be presented with an upload area where you can upload images from your computer. Just browse to the location of the image on your PC and hit the upload button. If all goes well, your image will upload to the site and will now be viewable below the upload area. This is also where you can delete images that you no longer want on

I should also say at this point that you can only assign images to Characters that you have claimed on the site, and for guilds who those characters currently belong in. If you have not claimed your character, you should do so now.

To claim a character, you can search for the character by entering the character's name in the search box at the top of the page. Then find your character in the list. Go to the character page and click the Claim Character link. The character will now be associated with your account!

Now, go back to your user page.

Now, you have a few options depending on if you want to display the image on your user page, on a character page, or a guild page.

For a character or guild, click on the 'Manage Characters and Guilds' link in the top right corner.

All characters that you have claimed will be listed, as well as any guilds those characters are currently members of. To assign a character an image, click on the 'Edit' link for that character. You will see a few options here. You can assign an image from your group of images by choosing it from the drop down. While you are at it, you can assign a status and maybe even a short bio for your character. Click the submit button and your image should now be assigned to that character!

For a guild, from the management page, click the 'Album' link for the guild you want to edit. Guild Albums are basically shared between all members of that guild. You can add any of your images to the guild album from this page. Notice that you can also assign a primary image for the guild by clicking the 'Make Primary' link under an one of your images. Setting an image as a Primary Image for your guild will cause that image to be displayed on the guild page. Note that there can only ever be 1 primary image for a guild so if someone else makes an image primary, your image will only show up in the Guild Gallery.

Now, if you want to update the image for your User Page, go to your User Page and click the 'Edit Profile' link. Here you can assign your image as well as make a few other customizations for your user page.

And that's all there is to it! Let me know if you have any troubles with any of these steps! Happy uploading!

Here are a few examples of what you can see when you upload images: Good Deed
taurenlove says:
March 15,2007 at 9:54
Rollie !!! i need your help! I am new on this site and just clicked on \\"claimed\\" on 2 characters,not knowing what it meant. (Sorry no native speaker!) Can you please rewind that??? Thanks a lot


NiennaMiriel says:
March 15,2007 at 13:11
You can unclaim a character by going back to the profile page and selecting unclaim. :)
Phreeze says:
March 27,2007 at 8:4
"oh there's a button *click*" ;)

laughed at the guy in MC who "chattet" with Major Domo, the raid not beeing ready :mrgreen: ... yes it was a f***ing 50dkp minus ;)
lathander says:
May 15,2007 at 17:15
hey i need help with my own backround image for my signature, please help me, thanks, lathander
Talinda says:
May 25,2007 at 9:42
It's a wonderful thing you're doing here, Rollie! (Oh, and your little girl is cute as a button!) There's just a couple of things I'd like in the gallery.

#1: Could we please be able to rearrange the pictures once they are uploaded. I started uploading with my main & working my way down the list only to discover that the first picture I uploaded is last in the gallery.

#2: Assuming #1 is implemented, it would be uber cool to be able to upload multiple images. Uploading one at a time can be a real PITA for an altaholic like me. :wink:

Thanks loads!

{Edited for spelling now that I'm awake. :oops: }
Rollie says:
May 25,2007 at 10:7
Hrm, I'll have to put it on the list to look into for the ordering.

Uploading multiple images isn't too hard to do really, I just didn't really expect people to be uploading numerous images =)
Rollie says:
August 16,2009 at 20:24
I used to provide a service where people could do that, but inevitably, the amount required for a real artist to create something nice is cost prohibitive.

If you are willing to pay upwards of $250 for a sig, then I bet I can get you an artist to do it, but to be honest, even when we were doing it for $100 per sig, the artists I was dealing with found it not to be worth their time =(

The best course of action is to find someone who already enjoys doing stuff like that as a hobby and see if they will do one for you for free or a token contribution.
Pangurrban says:
September 22,2012 at 17:10
I do not see characters to pick from either. /sigh
bringoutyourdead says:
September 24,2012 at 12:52
Be aware there are two different login situations here.

You login to the forums... (only)

and to manage your characters etc... you login on the website..(only)
it should be the same WR account name and password.

go back to the home page and log in there.
then under the login tab.. you can get to your profile management ability.

to claim a character you haven't already claim.. go to character history tab on main screen. Select your character.. i.e. realm/region/character name
and when you get the right one.. off to the right of the 1st data box you will see the link to claim your character.

You can also get to the same location via the Guild history tab..if your character is in a guild.

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