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IGE Class Action Lawsuit filed in Florida


Yesterday, Antonio Hernandez on behalf of a Florida law firm filed a Consumer Class Action Complaint on behalf of all US World of Warcraft players against IGE alleging the following:


1. This case involves IGE's calculated decision to reap substantial profits by knowingly interfering with and substantially impairing the indtended use and enjoyment associated with the consumer agreements between Blizzard Entertainment and subscribers to its virtual world called World of Warcraft ("Subscribers").

2. Specifically, over the past several years IGE has received tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars by selling World of Warcraft virtual property or currency generated by cheap labor in third world countries. This process of generating virtual assets and then selling them through eBay or other industry websites is known as "gold farming", "real money trade" or "RMT".

3. IGE's gold farming activities not only substantially diminish the enjoyment and satisfaction consumers obtain by earning, through the expenditure of vast amounts of time and energy, virtual assets within World of Warcraft, they also violate the express terms of agreements Subscribers enter into to participate in World of Warcraft. Indeed, the express terms of Blizzard Entertainment's agreements with its Subscribers for World of Warcraft specifically prohibit the sale of any World of Warcraft virtual assets or property.

4. Through this lawsuit, Mr. Hernandez, individually and on behalf of all other similarly situated consumers, seeks both money damanges and to enjoin IGE's gold farming activities.


They are seeking compensation for damages for IGE's actions in the RMT industry. Lots of law suits flying around lately!

It will be interesting to see how this plays out! You can find a PDF of the Lawsuit here:

IGE Class Action Lawsuit
Rollie says:
May 31,2007 at 17:32
Who knows, if you were a WoW player between November 27, 2004 and now (that means pretty much everyone), you could be listed in this lawsuit. Who knows, IGE may end up paying YOU in the end! Would a nickel be worth the trouble all those spam tells and mails caused?
fitzcairn says:
May 31,2007 at 18:21
Hmmm, maybe I should buy some gold now. And then when a settlement is reached, I\\'ll get a refund of the money I spent. *rolleyes*

Hard to see this amounting to anything, even if there is some sort of settlement, as a portion of the class are knowing and willing participants in the process.

Hybuir says:
May 31,2007 at 20:2
haha... maybe I can get some gold in leiu of damages... kaching!

Hybuir says:
May 31,2007 at 22:18

FYI, to get information on updates or to join the class action lawsuit.

Sianni says:
June 10,2007 at 22:16
[quote:14cda2bbd6="Hybuir"]haha... maybe I can get some gold in leiu of damages... kaching![/quote:14cda2bbd6]

LOL! Classic!

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