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Image upload problem


I recently corrected an image upload problem that mysteriously appeared a couple of weeks ago. Several recently uploaded images do not show up and you'll need to re-upload to have them reappear.

My apologies for the inconvenience!
DM. says:
July 3,2007 at 12:8
Yay ty!
xpolockx says:
July 3,2007 at 12:36
cool, thanks Rollie :)
Hybuir says:
July 3,2007 at 13:14
Awesomeness! Uploadey away 8)
pamopfl says:
July 6,2007 at 17:16
I\\'m still having trouble with mine :(

DM. says:
July 6,2007 at 23:41
Looks like even your post count is messed up......
Skyfire says:
July 6,2007 at 23:50
Lol, originally it was 0.

Not it's a really high number.

xpolockx says:
July 7,2007 at 4:27
Now that's what I call trolling.

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