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July '07 Drawing


Tickets have been assigned and I will draw numbers shortly.

One prize last month went unclaimed, so this month we'll draw 3 winning tickets. If the winner is in the US or Canada, they will be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift certificate, as well as a World of Warcraft TCG Through the Dark Booster Deck Box (comes with 6 Booster Decks!)! For any winners outside of the US or Canada, they will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift certificate.

Winners must notify me by either posting in this thread, PM me through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

EDIT: Numbers have been drawn! The winning numbers are:

3080 - Claimed! Congrats Jonathan91
4814 - Claimed! Congrats ZhenJi

Jonathan91 says:
July 8,2007 at 12:24
I am makeing the claim for Ticket 3080 !!! Weeeee :-)
Tartara says:
July 8,2007 at 15:42
Are the winning numbers the ones in the text of your message, or the ones in the screenshot? (All off by one)
WyriHaximus says:
July 8,2007 at 16:0
[quote:0b7cad5b2c="Tartara"]Are the winning numbers the ones in the text of your message, or the ones in the screenshot? (All off by one)[/quote:0b7cad5b2c]
Good one Tartara, is Rollie is giving out 6 prices :P.
Dyvion says:
July 8,2007 at 16:20
I\\'m a collecting fool, but I\\'ve yet to delve into the WoW TCG... if I actually did win, heaven help me :)
Balgair says:
July 8,2007 at 17:4

Close but no cigar ;)

Grats to the winners :)
DM. says:
July 8,2007 at 17:15
Early congrats to the winners, and whats up with the numbers being 1 off.... =S
Rollie says:
July 8,2007 at 19:38
Der.... not sure why I did that... correcting them now
xpolockx says:
July 8,2007 at 20:24
well, another month and another bunch of misses... you'd think I'd be used to it by now :P

Grats to you lucky winners, you. ;)
Hybuir says:
July 8,2007 at 22:13
14 3088

Grats Jonathan :)
Tartara says:
July 9,2007 at 0:12
22 3065
23 3094
33 4851

Not as lucky as last month. Good luck to the rest of you, and congrats to Jonathan!
Phreeze says:
July 14,2007 at 7:53
8 3091
9 3972 close
DM. says:
July 14,2007 at 10:2
Unclaimed tickets should go to the next closest person who post first and is within 10 numbers higher or lower than the number drawn =P
Skyfire says:
July 14,2007 at 16:47
What's with "Posts: 0" for some of the people who posted here? Shouldn't it be "Posts: 1"+? :X
Jadrie1 says:
July 15,2007 at 0:48
Argh, close here too:

15 4813

ZhenJi says:
July 24,2007 at 11:6


Rollie says:
July 24,2007 at 16:52
Congrats ZhenJi, please email me and/or PM me through the site =)
shanegill02 says:
July 30,2007 at 9:0
How does one enter the drawing?
xpolockx says:
July 30,2007 at 17:15
you get entered automatically when you submit data here to warcraftrealms. has all the info :)
infchaosdrd says:
August 1,2007 at 19:6

I am making a claim for more tickets. I should have received over 22 tickets, as I had over 22,000 updates. Who do I email to fix this?


infchaosdrd says:
August 1,2007 at 19:16

Please review the contributions I made last month. Last month I went out of my way to really get those contributions in more than usual. As such, I made around 25,000 updates, and should have received around 25 tickets. I was only issued 11 tickets. Last month I made about 13,000 updates, and got 13 tickets. Please either issue the missing tickets, or if those tickets would be automatically losing tickets, then please think of a way to make things straight.

Thank You,

infchaosdrd (userid)


email : or
Rollie says:
August 1,2007 at 19:25
Tickets have not been issued for July contributions yet. Your June contributions add up to the number of tickets you currently have.
Hybuir says:
August 1,2007 at 22:16
Ooh another Austin-ite. Awesome! Too bad you roll pansy alliance :-P
infchaosdrd says:
August 7,2007 at 15:47

I heard that Hybuir. Yes, Austin kicks ass, except the heat. But you want to see my horde chars in actions, go to Maelstrom, RPPvP, Blood Elf Paladin. On that server, I am horde. I try everything. Especially anything that has to do with the dark side of the force, which is why i am a warlock, even in alliance. Maybe a little duel action would fix this problem up real quick!! Im in Emberstorm Battlegroup, if your in it, or on Nordrassil, my alliance chars, or maelstrom, my horde chars, a little dual action might make you understand what it feels like when i suck your soul into a stone and use it as a reagent to make myself my level 38 Goldthreaded robes, which require a stolen soul to make. that way everytime i put an orc out of its misery, youre soul will be there to do nothing but witness the scene, not even with the ability to cry...see what im getting at.....hAHAHAA!!!

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