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July Concurrency Numbers Calculated



July concurrency numbers have been calculated and added to the overall concurrency chart as calculated using the CensusPlus UI Addon.

July showed pretty much flat changes. A very slight tick down for both EU and US. All in all, concurrent numbers remain stable compared to June.

It will be interesting to see if there was any buzz generated from Blizzcon to have players playing more in August. We'll see come September!
Taemojitsu says:
August 13,2007 at 18:21
Whether or not concurrency goes up and down with any particular month, the point is that WoW\\'s infection level is now such that it is no longer increasing the way it was before. Everyone who signs up or quits contributes not only their individual subscription... but also the subscription of anyone else they will or would have convinced to also sign up. If so many of WoW\\'s subscribers did come from a largely untapped demographic of unknown size, then the only reason concurrency is at where it is now is the previous success of the game. Muahahaha. =)

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