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March '07 Drawing


It's that time of the month again! Submissions are in, tickets have been assigned and drawn! As always, users much contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

Since 1 prize last month went unclaimed, we'll again try to give away 3 $100 gift certificates!

Check your numbers on your WR Profile!

Here are the winning numbers:

oiseaux says:
March 4,2007 at 23:25
/sigh Nothing here. Good luck to everyone!
Naraht says:
March 5,2007 at 0:34
So bloody close this time
17 7099!!!!
xpolockx says:
March 5,2007 at 5:20
Another month, another miss for me. :P
Lahaie says:
March 5,2007 at 6:38
Missed by one this month! 65 6500

Grats to the winners. :)

DM. says:
March 5,2007 at 7:52
Aww nothing here =(

Good luck to the winners!
Babs says:
March 5,2007 at 9:12
hmm, nothing again =(

Congratulations to those who won (lucky bastards)
NiennaMiriel says:
March 5,2007 at 10:37
109 tickets and nothing, but 6503. :(

Grats to the winners! :)
Phreeze says:
March 5,2007 at 12:16
bah nothing again :)
Balgair says:
March 6,2007 at 8:7
Nowhere near, grats to the winners! :)
Hybuir says:
March 6,2007 at 11:28
[quote:44df606ae2="Rollie"]Since 1 prize last month went unclaimed, [b:44df606ae2][i:44df606ae2]we'll again try to give away[/i:44df606ae2][/b:44df606ae2] 3 $100 gift certificates![/quote:44df606ae2]we keep on trying...

no hits on my 16 tickets... i know i am teh sux0r. been in a funk.
captbananas says:
March 10,2007 at 18:3
Not too many tickets this month, havnt been playing much, but still no win.

Oh so many things I could buy on :P

So, so many things...
oneoflittlewords says:
March 13,2007 at 18:15
Well not even close for me this time. Good Luck everyone.
BWDemor says:
March 16,2007 at 1:38
Good luck to you all, not a winner here.


Phreeze says:
March 27,2007 at 7:58
18888 damn...close ... :)

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