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October 07 Drawing!


Tickets have been assigned and drawn!

This month we'll draw 3 winning tickets. Winners will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift certificate!

Winners must notify me by PM through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

DM. says:
October 9,2007 at 0:12
I'm sure there is some far fetched way I can manipulate my Drawings to make it appear to me like I got one of these 3 numbers....

But after trying for 3mins. I give up :(

Good luck to everyone and an early congrats to the winners!
Chrisser000 says:
October 9,2007 at 4:0
baah.. no luck here :?

closest was 19 away.

big congrats to the winners
Balgair says:
October 9,2007 at 4:39
Nowhere near :) Good luck everyone!
Hybuir says:
October 9,2007 at 6:22
no dice.
Ramokk says:
October 10,2007 at 0:16
Ah, SO CLOSE! I have 2624 :-(
xpolockx says:
October 10,2007 at 2:39
I tried not submitting a ton this past month since all my mass updating has failed to score me a winning ticket, but not having many tickets still didn't help. Oh well. Good luck everyone (who hasn't already posted lamenting their lack of winning tickets.) ;)
Neurasem says:
October 14,2007 at 10:4
Ticket 469 is mine! =)
Hybuir says:
October 14,2007 at 18:0
horstwayne. says:
October 19,2007 at 17:31
6291 is mine :D

almost completely forgot about it :)

just wrote rollie a pm on the forums.. ^.^

Hybuir says:
October 19,2007 at 18:25
Phreeze says:
October 22,2007 at 3:38
good to know that non-community members always get the prizes -.-
xpolockx says:
October 22,2007 at 4:25
Well, not everyone can be as talkative as we are ;)
Hybuir says:
October 22,2007 at 9:2
[quote:8916a315d7="Phreeze"]good to know that non-community members always get the prizes -.-[/quote:8916a315d7]conspiracy! I'm going to talk less now....

aww who am I kidding, I <3 you guys too much to be quiet.
Tartara says:
October 22,2007 at 23:5
I won right after I started being more active in the forums, so it can happen!

Korynthe says:
October 23,2007 at 10:13
and I thought 3 tickets last month was alot .. lol...

1 ticket this month .. I\\'m playin it safe XD

Balgair says:
November 17,2007 at 1:47

It's been November a while, any drawing this month? :)
Fulkir says:
November 20,2007 at 3:13
I could probably manipulate my pics to make it look like i won but thats just cheating :D
Rollie says:
November 20,2007 at 14:59
Going to do a double drawing in December to make up for my delay. Added Christmas bonus or something =)
fmhhh2 says:
November 22,2007 at 20:24
[quote:a05f98106b="Rollie"]Going to do a double drawing in December to make up for my delay. Added Christmas bonus or something =)[/quote:a05f98106b]damn, how do i get the over all ammount that you can roll to increase? :x
fmhhh2 says:
November 22,2007 at 20:25
how the hell do i change my over all amount from 100 to a higher number? :?
Tartara says:
November 23,2007 at 0:3
Not totally off-topic, I finally got around to spending the certificate from my drawing win a few months ago. Ordered the Twin Peaks Ultimate DVD set (pilot and both seasons) for my husband for Christmas.

Thanks, Rollie! :lol:
Hybuir says:
November 23,2007 at 9:0
lets hope he doesn't check this thread and ruin the surprise :-P
mysticraven says:
December 5,2007 at 6:49
Because I came into the forums does one obtain said ticket? Sounds like fun.


Hybuir says:
December 5,2007 at 8:21


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