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September '07 Drawing


Tickets have been assigned and drawn!

One prize last month went unclaimed, so this month we'll draw 3 winning tickets. If the winner is in the US or Canada, they will be awarded a $50 Amazon Gift certificate, as well as a World of Warcraft TCG Through the Dark Booster Deck Box (comes with 6 Booster Decks!)! For any winners outside of the US or Canada, they will be awarded a $100 Amazon gift certificate!

Winners must notify me by PM through the site, or email to claim their ticket!

Good luck!

7800 - Congrats Ayame!
DM. says:
September 3,2007 at 22:48
[quote:5d3bb33e84]Tickets have been assigned and drawn! [/quote:5d3bb33e84] Wait wait.... Assigned.... AND drawn?!?!?!? At the same time?


oh and no luck this time... /sniffle
WyriHaximus says:
September 4,2007 at 1:21

And not even close :(. Goodluck to the rest of you :mrgreen: !
Ruthan says:
September 4,2007 at 1:45
aww...I was only three off. Oh well, maybe next month =D
Chrisser000 says:
September 4,2007 at 7:29
so faaaaarr!

15 tickets even -.-
Hybuir says:
September 4,2007 at 11:2
I struck out, good luck to everyone :)
Balgair says:
September 4,2007 at 19:11
No hits here, good luck everyone!
xpolockx says:
September 5,2007 at 5:24
I tried a new strategy: I didn't play wow for pretty much the whole month. Still didn't win, though :roll:
Hybuir says:
September 5,2007 at 8:33
Tartara says:
September 5,2007 at 10:23
54 tickets, closest I got was 41 away. The others were all over 100 away. :cry:

Good luck to whomever wins!
Ayame says:
September 5,2007 at 10:33
Yay finaly one once, it payed to upload all these years 8)
Ayame says:
September 5,2007 at 10:34
Won even I have to say:P God damn keyboard...though seems that by uploading only for one realm I lack behind most :(

Anyway 7800 is mine this time :)
Hybuir says:
September 5,2007 at 11:2
Congratulations... maybe you can buy you a keyboard with your amazon Gift Cert :-P

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