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Tonight around midnight CST, the site will be brought offline to facilitate the move of the database to a new database server. I anticipate the site will be offline for several hours, but it will hopefully not be longer than 12 hours or so.

This move will hopefully improve things significantly and should allow for much faster processing speeds as well as increased site response time overall.
NiennaMiriel says:
January 30,2007 at 13:21
Whatever will we do?

Rock on Rollie. :)
Ceto says:
January 30,2007 at 13:44
Ooh. =)
Elmaless says:
January 30,2007 at 13:58
Hope it all goes smoothly ^.^ transfers can be such a pain sometimes. Good luck :D

Will we have to resubmit any submissions we made for processing that haven't been finished yet?
DM. says:
January 30,2007 at 14:36
Hope everything goes smoothly! =)
Rollie says:
January 30,2007 at 14:44
No, you won't need to do any resubmits. Everything should pick up where it leaves off.

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