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Today's Downtime


Well, hail storms in Virginia caused a power outage at my data center earlier today. Unfortunately the backup power also failed hence causing some database problems.

Everything should be back up and running now. If you experience a part of the site that is not working correctly, please let me know!
Rollie says:
June 13,2007 at 21:24
Well, there's something starting at me right away, something wrong with sigs =)
Rollie says:
June 13,2007 at 21:26
Sigs fixed =)
DM. says:
June 13,2007 at 23:25
I've been wondering this for awhile.... whats up with the avatars?

Sometimes they show, sometimes they don't.... And your avatar hasn't shown up in I don't know how many weeks.....
Rollie says:
June 14,2007 at 0:0
I hadn't even noticed the avatar thing. I looked at my profile and nothing was there. I updated it and now it's showing... I dunno =x
Hybuir says:
June 14,2007 at 0:10
Strange series of events :( But we\\'re up again, yay!
Hybuir says:
June 14,2007 at 0:18
I think server time is an hour off, it says 11:10 but it's 12:10. double checked that my profile option is GMT -6 (Central)
Balgair says:
June 14,2007 at 7:51
Yep my avatar's been broken for a bit too, keep meaning to reupload it and see if that fixes it ;)
xpolockx says:
June 14,2007 at 17:23
We've had some pretty nasty storms here in virginia as of late... :shock:

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