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We're back!


The database move is complete. There's some final pieces to put in place before updates being processing again, but everything seems to have moved over fairly smoothly.

If you see any oddities such as incorrect letters in character names (unhandled foreign chars), please let me know!
Hybuir says:
January 31,2007 at 14:1
Hurrah for yummy database goodness!
DM. says:
January 31,2007 at 14:7
Yay!! =D

I was getting a bit tired of playing that Murloc game :wink:
Cassey says:
January 31,2007 at 19:8
Yay!! That's excellent news :) Get my submissions up before I purge for february :)
Skyfire says:
January 31,2007 at 21:18
Don't be hating on the murloc game! ;P
Phreeze says:
February 6,2007 at 5:42
hey gratz to the DB-move, the data is now REALLY quickly updated, good step *thumbs up* :lol: :mrgreen:

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