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August 2008 Drawing


Tickets for the August drawing have been assigned and I will log in to do the rolls here shortly.

This month we will give away 2 $100 Amazon Gift Certificates.

As usual, winners need to contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

Good luck!

EDIT: And the numbers are in!

Hybuir says:
August 18,2008 at 14:43
Miss X 2. Good luck to everyone, except for the people that actually won, don't check the site for a couple of months. We'll a roll over to next month, THEN I'll win... TWICE! ;)
Balgair says:
August 18,2008 at 18:52
4400... almost! ;) GL everyone :)
gmmmpresser says:
August 18,2008 at 19:55
4401.....I won! I won! I won

*Jumps for Joy.
xpolockx says:
August 19,2008 at 1:1
Another month, another group of misses... I know I keep saying this, but one time in the future I will manage to win. Just you watch :P

Grats to gmmmpresser and whoever the other winner ends up being :)
Hybuir says:
August 19,2008 at 6:35
Grats GM
matta says:
August 20,2008 at 16:27
how are you entered into the drawing?
xpolockx says:
August 20,2008 at 21:5
You automatically receive a ticket for each 1000 updates/new submissions that you make. You can check your ticket numbers by clicking on the link on your WR profile.
NitraMo says:
September 24,2008 at 8:11
Here I log in from a shorter absence from WoW Census updates and discover that I have won.
What a welcome back surprise!
DM. says:
September 24,2008 at 10:21
Congrats to the winners :)

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