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Census 4.2.0 Release for Wrath of the Lich King


This version contains updates to properly handle Death Knights and up to level 80!

In addition, there are a few more changes as well.

  • The need for the Mini-map button to be displayed has been removed.

  • New methods have also been put in place to hopefully totally remove the who frame from popping and any taint errors from being thrown. If you happen to see either of these occur, please let me know.

  • The total XP value has been changed to an XP Factor that will prevent the overflow problem of straight up summation of actual XP

  • The level bars in the mod are now shown on a logarithmic scale.

  • A fix was added that prevents spam in battlegrounds if you have your autocensus timer set very low.

As always, if you find any problems or errors with the latest version, please let me know!
DM. says:
November 13,2008 at 10:22
zomg woot!!!
cenia says:
November 13,2008 at 11:37

I tried to upload data with the version 4.2.0 and got the following error on the website:

It appears you have submitted data from version 4.2.0 of CensusPlus. The latest version is 4.1.10. Please download the latest version and rerun CensusPlus. Your data will not be accepted unless submitted using the latest version of CensusPlus.

When will the 4.2.0 version be supported by the website?
Rollie says:
November 13,2008 at 12:0
Like now =)
Hybuir says:
November 13,2008 at 12:9
Remember to update it on Curse!
Rollie says:
November 13,2008 at 12:47
Done, although I must say that all the changes going on over there have only made it more complicated to update your addons...
asmodai says:
November 13,2008 at 17:18
Nice Rollie, I'll give this a spin later on.
xpolockx says:
November 13,2008 at 19:8
Awesome, I just submitted some new updates!
Thortok2000 says:
November 13,2008 at 21:15
When will the website show stats of levels 71+ and death knights?
Thortok2000 says:
November 13,2008 at 21:16
No edit feature on these forums? Wow. o.o Well, the search I'm looking to do is this one:

I'd like to be able to view 71+ and death knights in that search. ^_^
Thortok2000 says:
November 13,2008 at 21:18
(Yet another edit...) Oh and I saw on Curse that there's a 'set the date of your census' thing. You can't get the date from WoW's API? I'm pretty sure you can, I know of at least one other addon that displays data during the Christmas season and doesn't display it not during the holiday.

You'd think with the in-game calendar there'd be some way to detect what day it is instead of having to make the user set it.

And lastly, will we be seeing auto pruning soon? ^_^
Balgair says:
November 14,2008 at 0:19
All looking good so far, when I first installed it I noticed that the /who results on lvl 55 blood elf deathknights kept popping up in my chat window (I have verbose off, and in any case it was showing anything up to 5 of them, not the usual 3), but I've not noticed that for a bit, so might've sorted itself after I restarted the game :)
gmmmpresser says:
November 14,2008 at 0:43
Good to see someone takes an interest in their addon and keeps it up to date. Not like so many others that I have tried to use.
One question though - Apart from using the Verbose Option, is there some way of finding out how it is going? I used to check the Social/Who tab to see how it was going. You could check the levels slowly getting lower, that way you knew when it was getting near the end.
Rollie says:
November 14,2008 at 2:29
I have plans to add in a progress meter of sorts.
Balgair says:
November 14,2008 at 11:42
Still occasionally getting random blood elf deathknight /who results in my chat, not too sure why - it's not always lvl 55 as I just had a lvl 70, most the time it doesn't happen at all, but when it does it's always blood elf deathknights. Weird one! Not too annoying yet, more a curiosity :)
Rollie says:
November 14,2008 at 13:2
Yeah, I am seeing it now too and I do know why. I'll work on it =)

The problem is that I'm searching for 2 or 3 words, not 4 (ie, Blood Elf Death Knight)
November 15,2008 at 3:19
Remember to update it on Curse!
DM. says:
November 15,2008 at 11:34
Yea I'm getting the Blood Elf Death Knight spam as well. Started last night and continuing again this morning.
Rollie says:
November 15,2008 at 16:8
And it will continue till I package up this latest version I'm working on. It still has some strangeness with certain names that I'm still trying to track down.
kala says:
November 16,2008 at 15:53
Few problems:

. Why were levels 10-19 removed? 1-9 are starting levels that does not count in lots of areas, since lvl 10 the main game starts with battlegrounds and talents etc.

. The addon window is click-through. NPC-s, objects, etc that are behind the addon window will be selected/interacted with when user clicks something in the addon window.

. When there are for example only 1 seen person for certain level, the level bar is tiny and barely visible. Now when user actually manages to click it, so activating detailed view for that level, the bar dissappeares completely, and there is no obvious way to get back to the \"previous screen\" of full view of all levels.
Stadler says:
November 17,2008 at 11:2
  • The level bars in the mod are now shown on a logarithmic scale.
[/quote:bc5da42995]Could you please make this optional? Actually I prefer the old non-logarithmic version.

Christian Stadler
Hybuir says:
November 17,2008 at 12:51
Didn't even notice a difference. :-/ what is the diff?
Jerec83 says:
November 19,2008 at 6:22
[quote:54cfc1b907="Stadler"]Could you please make this optional? Actually I prefer the old non-logarithmic version.
same here.

or can you point me to the code where to change it myself

local logMaxCount = math.log( maxCount );
gotta have to do something with that and the following loop right?
not sure what to change it into
Rollie says:
November 20,2008 at 14:56
Yeah, that's the offending section. I'll look into making it an option.
Stadler says:
November 20,2008 at 23:25
[quote:2d39440ec0="Jerec83"][quote:2d39440ec0="Stadler"]Could you please make this optional? Actually I prefer the old non-logarithmic version.
or can you point me to the code where to change it myself[/quote:2d39440ec0]Simple:

In line 2866 find:[code:1:2d39440ec0] local height = floor(( math.log(thisCount) / logMaxCount) * CensusPlus_MAXBARHEIGHT);[/code:1:2d39440ec0]and replace it with:[code:1:2d39440ec0] local height = floor(( thisCount / maxCount) * CensusPlus_MAXBARHEIGHT);[/code:1:2d39440ec0]Regards,
Christian Stadler
Rollie says:
November 21,2008 at 9:38
Yup, it's true
otanka says:
November 24,2008 at 4:5
the player stats don't show the deathknights yet, when will that be implemented?

SannaSK says:
November 24,2008 at 21:57
[quote:591de5c1c0="otanka"]the player stats don't show the deathknights yet, when will that be implemented?


where do they not show DKs? The Census box I have in game shows DKs as do the individual server graphs that I can find on this site.
otanka says:
November 25,2008 at 4:54
The census does, but the player statistics don't show deathknights yet.
You know, where you can see how many active hunters, warriors and such are on a realm horde or ally side for the last 6 months :)

tcmjr says:
November 25,2008 at 18:36
Still getting who on Alliance too.
Got a who window to pop up for Gnome Warrior during scanning the AH with latest auctioneer.

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