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CensusPlus 4.1.5 Released


It's been a long time coming, but the new version is available for download. This version mainly brings CensusPlus up to date with the current TOC versions. I have added the one tweak to alleviate the guild panel popping during a scan, however you could still see it pop at certain times.

Please let me know if you have any problems!

DM. says:
January 22,2008 at 11:20
Can't wait to check it out when the realms go live!
Hybuir says:
January 22,2008 at 12:51
DM. says:
January 22,2008 at 13:25
Yay! I just had some fun in game and so far no popups!!

And you really didn't change much code at all comparing it to the previous version. Like what.. 2 lines? :P
DM. says:
January 22,2008 at 15:43
Ok after 3hrs of play... The window only opened up a couple of times. But still much better than before :D
Balgair says:
January 22,2008 at 20:49

Didn't see this till now, and now our servers are down for the patch, will try it in the morning ;)
Hybuir says:
January 23,2008 at 9:27
just out of curiosity, this isn't tracking more information is it? I uploaded the first couple of luas this morning and it was either uploading slow or maybe the file size is bigger :-/ dunno
Rollie says:
January 23,2008 at 15:12
No, no more info. And ya, very small change.

The only time I see it pop now is when a census is in progress and I zone.
larrewl says:
January 24,2008 at 11:37
The CensusPlus popup window confirms that I've got the latest ver 4.1.5 working, but my Friends/Guild window pops up and I close it over a dozen times in one scan. This occurs when I take the census on both my Norgannon and Uther realm surveys. :(
Rollie says:
January 24,2008 at 15:28
larrewl, do you have other mods running that affect your guild or friends panel?

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