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December Concurrency Numbers



It's that time of the month again and we have calculated the December concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

With many people across the WoW Nation on holiday, as well as potential new players receiving WoW as Christmas presents, the concurrent numbers for WoW increased quite a bit in December. It is possible that this is also a continuation of renewed interest due to patch 2.3 and Arena Season 3.

The US numbers jumped nearly 50k concurrent players for US, but stayed largely flat for EU. I'm going to dub this trend the Christmas Trend... for lack of a better term...

It is still unknown when patch 2.4 will arrive, bringing with it, the Sunwell, but at this time that is the only thing players have to look forward to until Wrath of the Lich King is released.
Alanthus says:
January 4,2008 at 12:29
I think the new players could be due to something called Battle Chest (WoW+BC in one package as low as $20 in some places...
Hybuir says:
January 5,2008 at 21:57
may it be a slight skew from name changes being widely available?
Psonere says:
January 5,2008 at 22:44
Just curious... we can prune our own records in game, so does this site auto prune characters not played in 30 days?
DM. says:
January 6,2008 at 1:18
Character's history are never deleted here. If the char is not seen for 30 days its simply not included in its calculations for the activity of that realm and other stats. The history is still there for you to view, just not included in alot of calculations.

Using Prune on your pc will cause chars to actually be removed from your database.
Rollie says:
January 6,2008 at 19:15
It really could be due to people having gotten WoW for Christmas as well. I wasn't seeing queues like this before Christmas, only after. Who knows =)
DM. says:
January 7,2008 at 8:53
Me thinks its Blizzard's way of distributing the population during the prime time. If someone were to install the game in the evening time and start playing, if they are new and don't have any other friends playing then they will be forced to roll on a lower population realm.

A somewhat good idea...

A 4000 player queue is silly, but it was 3000 pre-BC anyways ;)

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