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July 2008 Drawing


Tickets for the July drawing have been assigned and I will log in to do the rolls here shortly.

Since Balgair opted to pass on her winning ticket last month, this month we will give away 3 $100 Amazon Gift Certificates.

As usual, winners need to contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

Good luck!

EDIT: And the numbers are in!

Hybuir says:
July 10,2008 at 14:54
[ Miss ]x3

Good luck to everyone.
Balgair says:
July 10,2008 at 16:55
2249, wasn't far off winning yet again lol :) Good luck everyone!
xpolockx says:
July 12,2008 at 0:19
I was very close again, but still no win for me :P I wonder what's the record for the most submissions without a win? I should probably be close to it by now ;)
videogmhd says:
July 12,2008 at 21:44
I Won!!
Now What???
Hybuir says:
July 12,2008 at 22:51
send a private message to rollie.

Congrats :)
Inverno1 says:
July 13,2008 at 13:55
how do i know , what number i am?
Hybuir says:
July 13,2008 at 23:9
look at your profile and on the upper right hand side you'll see a link that says "Drawing Tickets"
Sinkler says:
July 25,2008 at 4:31
7 3053
10 4076

it could be nice..
DM. says:
July 25,2008 at 11:51
Good luck to all!
Mysterygamer says:
October 29,2008 at 15:40
Can my name be taken off of the mailing list and this account deleted please. I won a contest a LONG time ago and never received my unknown prize in the mail. I contacted Rollie several times and the excuse was that he was busy and it got put off. It's been over 2 years and god knows how many emails that have gone unanswered now. I have given up supplying any info to the system ever since. If you are going to notify people they won a prize and don't follow up on it just save yourself the trouble and don't even waste the time to send the email out in the first place. All you have done is make me a disgruntled user.
Rollie says:
October 29,2008 at 17:6
Point of clarification, you were never a winner. Your tickets were never drawn. You were one of a handful of people way back in December of 06 that were regular contributors that I wanted to send out a little 'Thank You' to.

I will confess that I never got anything sent out. It wasn't going to be much, a little branded squishy or something, but I wanted to send out *something*. I never could find anything I found that was not too expensive, and yet wasn't completely cheap either. I actually still have those original folks on my list of things to follow up on.

You sent me a total of 3 emails. Each of which was responded to. And each also was nothing more than an inquiry into 'When do I get my stuff?' I'm sorry your freebie didn't come and wasn't there to keep you being a member of the community.

Best of luck to you to wherever your gaming takes you.

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