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June 2008 Concurrency Numbers



I have calculated the June concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

June continues to show declines in player activity, with a noticeably sharper drop in EU concurrency. I'll need to do a little research to make sure this is not due to even fewer EU submissions.

US numbers were fairly flat. With Arena Season 4 hitting at the end of the month, we'll have to see how the numbers play out in July to know if it was enough to get more folks back in the game.

At this point, as far as we know, there really isn't anything left other than what we already have to keep folks playing until Wrath of the Lich King comes out. It would also appear the beta for WOTLK is imminent which will also negatively impact player numbers on the live servers as folks will take the opportunity to play on the beta servers. We'll get beta servers up and running on WarcraftRealms as soon as we are able and allowed to.

We continue to be light on submissions for several realms so help is greatly appreciated! Even 1 person can make a significant contribution, and all help is appreciated. To see if your realms is one of the less covered, check out the Most Wanted page!

And of course, just by submitting, you can win great prizes such as $100 Amazon gift certificates! It's easy to do, it helps the site and it can be profitable to you! So help by submitting data today!
Yenea Whindlebolt says:
August 12,2008 at 16:4
I\'m on a EU account, and as you may have noticed, I am trieng to get you the data for the Most Needed realms with 0 in 30 days.

Horde first ofcourse, as on EU, horde never was all to popular, so they go first.

I\'ll try to get you the data that you need though.

Just gimme the prefered scaning times and I\'ll see what I can do :)
Rollie says:
August 12,2008 at 16:47
Any times would help immensely!

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