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May 2008 Drawing


This month we'll again be giving away two $100 Amazon gift certificates.

Tickets have been assigned and will be drawn shortly! You can find your tickets on your userpage!

I'll update this thread with the winning tickets as soon as I log in and do the drawing!

As usual, winners must contact me via PM or email to claim their prize!

EDIT: Tickets have been drawn, and here are the winning numbers!

Balgair says:
May 12,2008 at 19:15
Sure you didn't mean 5[b:5093e6597f]5[/b:5093e6597f]72? ;)

Good luck everyone! :)
DM. says:
May 12,2008 at 19:16
Rollie needs to pick more numbers :P
xpolockx says:
May 12,2008 at 21:10
one day... one day...
Hybuir says:
May 13,2008 at 6:20
No dice. Good luck to everyone.
ghormann says:
May 17,2008 at 16:18
So close! 1464
Serverhopper says:
May 18,2008 at 14:35
Darn just missed the deadline in having data submitted for tickets. Can't wait till next drawing. :D
Fiamma says:
June 30,2008 at 4:36
[quote:6b72a00a86="Serverhopper"]Darn just missed the deadline in having data submitted for tickets.[/quote:6b72a00a86]

Yea, I'm new. When is the deadline for having data submitted/When are tickets allocated?

- Fia
Hybuir says:
June 30,2008 at 8:53
just submit and tickets will be assigned at the end of the month :)
Fiamma says:
July 1,2008 at 19:54
Thank you Hybuir :)

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