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May Update and Concurrency Numbers



It's that time of the month again and we have calculated the April concurrency numbers provided by the CensusPlus UI Addon.

Well, April is showing a drop in concurrent players. Dramatically so for EU players, possibly even too dramatic. While the monthly concurrent numbers are averages of prime time players over the whole month, it still requires a good supply of data to maintain accuracy. For the month of April, submissions here at dropped quite a bit, causing me to start to have some concerns for the EU numbers in particular.

US numbers saw a slight decline, but nothing as alarming as those for EU. We could use more submissions to put the fears to rest that the data is incomplete. Even 1 person can make a significant contribution, and all help is appreciated.

And of course, just by submitting, you can win great prizes such as $100 Amazon gift certificates! It's easy to do, it helps the site and it can be profitable to you! So help by submitting data today!
Nirit says:
May 12,2008 at 23:41
The drop in EU submissions is imo due to the problems with the localisations in Patch 2.4 which caused censusplus not to work properly until this was fixed with version 4.1.6 on 8. April.
Jokester says:
May 13,2008 at 16:51
I could well believe that EU numbers have dropped a fair bit, I check a good few PvE realms and they're all well down on the peak a month or two ago.

The first recommended realm was also always getting locked on a Sunday night at about 4200 people, now they're not hitting that.
Jokester says:
May 13,2008 at 16:56
On the flip side, if Arena S4 is anything like S3 then they'll shoot back up again.
Balgair says:
May 13,2008 at 17:32
Can believe it also just from anecdotal evidence... most the people I was playing with over the winter have stopped playing recently for varying reasons, in fact I'm the only one left who was particularly active 2 months ago. Ok, we were a small group, but still... :?
Rollie says:
May 14,2008 at 12:51
Yeah, the problems with the last C+ version and localization might have caused a bunch of that. Hadn't thought of that one.

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